In order to use the roombacmd.mpl script, you must first install microperl and get stty (if it s not already on your system). Listing 14-5 shows the commands needed to do that, as well as download the roombacmd.mpl script and install everything in a non-volatile location.
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Source: Ref. 6.
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Examples of guard ring structures p (single ring) p =n p /NW p /NW/DT inside p /NW/DT outside p /DT/NW/DT inside p /DT/NW/DT/DT out
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Computer screen resolution is an important consideration for deciding the window placements within a dashboard. Currently, it is best practice to design dashboards optimally for a 1024 768 screen resolution. This eliminates the need for horizontal scrolling associated with higher resolutions such as 1152 864, 1280 1024, or beyond. Users with 800 600 resolution may have to scroll to view the full dashboard s content. However, most likely this would affect no more than 20% of the user base, although this number requires evaluation for the specific install base for the dashboard. With an increase in the quality and size of desktop monitors and laptop screens, an overwhelming majority of business users have a setting of 1024 768 or higher that leverages the larger viewing areas of their screen. Best efforts must be made to design the dashboard such that a 1024 768 screen resolution requires no horizontal or vertical scrolling to view the complete dashboard. Dashboards exceeding 720 pixels in height may be deployed if the lower portion of the dashboard is used to merely provide links to relevant reports and charts. However, important KPIs requiring regular user attention must never be placed outside of the viewing area that requires scrolling to be viewed.
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Part IV Working with UserForms
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Frankfurters are typically made of beef and pork, but poultry and other meat sources are also used; they are 30% 40% lean meat and 15% 30% fat. Sausage is usually nely chopped, but the nely chopped mass may also contain grain-size meat particles. As frankfurters are eaten hot, the salt content is usually relatively low, 1.6% 1.8%. They are
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