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Lenny Kravitz s Web site (www.lennykravitz.com) has an animated preloader, a pop-up navigation menu, and a jukebox that fans can use to preview the musician s latest work. The movie loads quickly despite a heavy use of bitmap images.
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In Z, TCW is the total number of accesses by applications to columns in TC (only the columns in the top corner), BCW is the total number of accesses by applications to columns in BC (only the columns in the bottom corner), and BOCW is the total number of accesses by applications to columns in both quadrants (must access at least one column from TC and at least one column from BC).The partitioning that corresponds to the maximal value of Z is accepted if Z is positive and is rejected otherwise. This formula is based on the belief that good partitioning strategies increase the values of TCW and BCW while decreasing the value of BOCW. In order words, the approach tries to maximize the product TCW * BCW. This also results in the selection of values for TCW and BCW that are as close to equal as possible. Thus, the function will produce fragments that are balanced. To nd the splitting that yields the best partitioning of columns, we have to split the columns into a one-column BC and n 1 column TC rst. We calculate the value of Z for this starting point and then repeatedly add columns from TC to BC until TC is left with only one column. From these calculations, we choose the splitting that has the highest Z value. Recall the af nity matrix for our example (shown here again in
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Augustsson, K., K. Skog, M. Jagerstad, P. W. Dickman, and G. Steineck. 1999. Dietary heterocyclic amines and cancer of the colon, rectum, bladder, and kidney: A population-based study. Lancet 353:686 687. Baggio, S. R., and N. Bragagnolo. 2006. The effect of heat treatment on the cholesterol oxides, cholesterol, total lipid and fatty acid contents of processed meat products. Food Chemistry 95:611 619. Bjeldanes, L. F., M. M. Morris, H. Timourian, and F. T. Hatch. 1983. Effects of meat composition and cooking conditions on mutagen formation in fried ground beef. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 31: 18 21. Bem, Z. 1995. Desirable and undesirable effects of smoking meat products. Die Fleischerei 3:3 8. Bogen, K. T. 1994. Cancer potencies of heterocyclic amines found in cooked foods. Food and Chemical Toxicology 32:505 515. B singer, S., W. Luf, and E. Brandl. 1993. Oxysterols: Their occurrence and biological effects. International Dairy Journal 3:1 33. Butaye, P., L. A. Devriese, and F. Haesebrouck. 2001. Differences in antibiotic resistance patterns of Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium strains isolated from farm and pet animals. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 45:1374 1378. Cassens, R. G. 1997. Composition and safety of cured meats in the USA. Food Chemistry 59:561 566. Croubels, S., E. Daeselaire, S. De Baere, P. De Backer, and D. Courtheyn. 2004. Feed and drug residues. In Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences, edited by W. Jensen, C. Devine, and M. Dikemann. London, UK: Elsevier. Demeyer, D. I., M. Raemakers, A. Rizzo, A. Holck, A. De Smedt, B. Ten Brink, B. Hagen, C. Montel, E. Zanardi, E. Murbrek, F. Leroy, F. Vanderdriessche, K. Lorentsen, K. Venema, L. Sunesen, L. Stahnke, L. De Vuyst, R. Talon, R. Chizzolini, and S. Eerola. 2000. Control of bio avor and safety in fermented sausages: First results of a European project. Food Research International 33:171 180. E. C. 2006. Commission Regulation (EC) No 627/2006 of 21 April 2006 implementing Regulation (EC) No 2065/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards quality criteria for validated analytical methods for sampling, identi cation and characterisation of primary smoke products. Of cial Journal of the European Union L 109:3 6. Dixon, S. N. 2001. Veterinary drug residues. In Food Chemical Safety, vol. 1: Contaminants, edited by D. H. Watson. Cambridge, UK: Woodhead Publishing Ltd. Eerola, S., R. Maijala, A. X. Roig-Sangu s, M. Salminen, and T. Hirvi. 1996. Biogenic amines in dry sausages as affected by starter culture and contaminant aminepositive Lactobacillus. Journal of Food Science 61:1243 1246. Eerola, S., I. Otegui, L. Saari, and A. Rizzo. 1998. Application of liquid chromatography atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry to the determination of
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comprise the major parameters. The minimum value of tBI is the time duration for a beacon and the time for receiving the maximum size frame. When it comes to energy consumption for frame transmission, tBI is the major parameter in conjunction with the frame arrival rate r. Since the active times of two devices are not synchronized, a device may turn on the receiver and wait for tBI/2 on average to receive a beacon of the destination. In addition to minimizing the active duration, NBT should provide a solution to avoid beacon collision. Because of the clock skew of two oscillators, two superframes may be overlapped after some time, and that results in beacon collision. One possible simple solution is restarting beacon transmission after random delay by calling MLME-START.request if a device receives a beacon from a neighbor in the active duration. However, if the beacon collision is by a device outside of one hop range, the device may not notice the collision. As presented in [14], it is the limitation of the beacon mode. Beacon Tracking. BT is a synchronous wakeup algorithm fully utilizing superfame structures provided by IEEE 802.15.4. By the association procedure, a relation between two devices is decided as a coordinator and a device. Then, the device associated with the coordinator periodically wakes up to receive a beacon frame and share the minimized active duration in the common superframe duration. For its own outgoing superframe, it also periodically transmits its own beacon in the inactive period de ned by the beacon of the coordinator. This outgoing superframe enables a new device to associate as a device. Figure 18.3 gives an example of these time lines. In the gure, device A is at the ith level from the PAN coordinator (PNC) in the association tree. While it tracks the incoming superframe de ned by the coordinator it is associated with, it transmits beacons for its children at the (i + 1)th level from the PNC. In the same way, device B and C track beacons of device A and transmit their beacons for their children. A data frame is transmitted in the common active duration. Contrary to NBT, a transmitter can wait for the active time without idle listening since it knows the schedule of the coordinator by tracking it. In the gure, device B waits for the next
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Stuber, M. L., & Canning, R. D. (1998). Organ transplantation. In R. T. Ammerman & J. V. Campo (Eds.), Handbook of pediatric psychology and psychiatry: Disease, injury, and illness (Vol. 2, pp. 369 382). Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Susman, E. J., Nottelmann, E. D., Inoff-Germain, G., Dorn, L. D., Cutler, G. B., Jr., Loriaux, D. L., et al. (1985). The relation of relative hormonal levels and physical development and socialemotional behavior in young adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 14, 245 264. Tanner, J. M. (1962). Growth at adolescence (2nd ed.). Spring eld, IL: Charles C Thomas. Tarnowski, K. J., & Brown, R. T. (1999). Burn injuries. In A. J. Goreczny & M. Hersen (Eds.), Handbook of pediatric and adolescent health psychology (p. 117). Boston: Allyn & Bacon. U.S. Congress, Of ce of Technology Assessment. (1991, November). Background and the effectiveness of selected prevention and treatment services. Adolescent health (Vol. 2). Washington, DC: U.S. Congress. Wadden, T. A., & Stunkard, A. J. (1985). Social and psychological consequences of obesity. Annals of Internal Medicine, 103, 1062 1067. Weist, M. D. (1997). Expanded school mental health services: A national movement in progress. In T. Ollendick & R. J. Prinz (Eds.), Advances in clinical child psychology (Vol. 19, pp. 319 352). New York: Plenum Press. Wolman, C., Resnick, M. D., & Harris, L. J. (1994). Emotional wellbeing among adolescents with and without chronic conditions. Journal of Adolescent Health, 15, 199 206. Youniss, J., & Smollar, J. (1989). Adolescents: Interpersonal relationships in social contexts. In T. J. Berndt & G. W. Ladd (Eds.), Peer relationships in child development (pp. 300 316). New York: Wiley. Zabin, L. S., Hirsch, M. B., & Smith, E. A. (1986). Evaluation of a pregnancy-prevention program for urban teenagers. Family Planning Perspectives, 18, 119 126. Zachman, M., Ferrandez, A., & Muurse, G. (1976). Testosterone treatment of excessively tall boys. Journal of Pediatrics, 88, 116 121.
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