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Plus addressing is remarkably useful, as it enables you to set up filters for your incoming mail. In order to do set up filters, click the Create a filter link to the right of the search bar. You will be presented with a screen containing something very much like Figure 3-6.
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accuracies and stabilities of the interconnecting national clocks.22 The end-to-end slip performance should satisfy the service requirements for telephone and nontelephone services on a 64-kbps digital connection in an ISDN. The slip rate objectives for an international end-to-end connection are speci ed with reference to the standard hypothetical reference connection (HRX)-which is 27,500 km in length. The theoretical slip rate is one slip in 70 days per plesiochronous interexchange link assuming clocks with speci ed accuracies (see Section and provided that the performance of the transmission and switching requirements remain within their design limits. In the case where the international connection includes all of the 13 nodes identi ed in the HRX and those nodes are all operating together in a plesiochronous mode, the nominal slip performance of a connection could be 1 in 70/ 12 days (12 links in tandem) or 1 in 5.8 days. In practice, however, some nodes in such a connection would be part of the same synchronized network. Therefore, a better nominal slip performance can be expected (e.g., where the national networks at each end are synchronized). The nominal slip performance of the connection would be 1 in 70/ 4 or 1 in 17.5 days. Note that these calculations assume a maximum of four international links. The performance objectives for the rate of octet slips on an international connection of 27,500 km in length of a corresponding bearer channel are given in Table 6.7 CCITT (Ref. 14) adds that further study is required to con rm that these values are compatible with other objectives such as error performance given in Section
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Consideration should be given to bonding employees. For example, fidelity bonds protect the operation from losses incurred by employee dishonesty because the establishment is reimbursed (up to the face value of the insurance policy) for the loss suffered.
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Choice Hotels International
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9, Sec. 14)).
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where e 0 is the permittivity constant, 8.85 10 12 farads/ meter or 8.85 pF/ m; A is the area of the plate; and E is the emf. Substituting q from Eq. (A.19) in Eq. (A.20) and noting that the capacitance is inversely proportional to the distance, d, between the parallel plates, we have: C e 0 (A/ d) (A.21)
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and exploitation. The fundamental principles outlined several thousand years ago are still in use today. In addition to the Ethics Code, more specific specialty guidelines have also been developed to provide further instructions and expectations for professional conduct. For example, the APA has published the following specialty guidelines: Specialty Guidelines for the Delivery of Services by Clinical Psychologists (1981), Guidelines for Computer Based Tests and Interpretations (1987a), Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (1985), and Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services to Ethnic, Linguistic, and Culturally Diverse Populations (1990, 2003b). Additional guidelines are provided for school psychologists, counseling psychologists, and others. Koocher and Keith-Speigal (1998) outlined eight general principles for psychologists distilled from the Ethics Code, specialty guidelines, and additional sources. These include doing no harm, benefiting others, being just and faithful, according dignity, treating others with caring and compassion, pursuing excellence, respecting autonomy, and accepting accountability. These principles are found in the Hippocratic Oath as well. In this chapter, ethical principles for psychologists will be examined and case examples used to illustrate actual ethical violations. The case studies are based on actual cases but have been carefully edited and altered to protect the confidentiality of the parties involved. Before the ethical principles are outlined, it is important to understand how ethics differ from the law.
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