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The corresponding improvement of positioning is around tenfold. The second application of radio electric waves was to use the signal as a new landmark that no longer needed to be in a visible line of sight. The rst such system was implemented on board a ship in 1908, together with a movable antenna that could give an indication of the bearing of the transmitter. This was the rst dedicated radio navigation system. Although a physical understanding of wave propagation was certainly not available at these early stages of development (the wavelength of Marconi s rst trial of transatlantic transmission was at around 2000 m, dictated by the wave generator rather than chosen for propagation purposes), new capabilities, and also great similarities, can be highlighted from a comparison of astral measurements and the rst navigation approaches with radio electric waves. The rst improvement obviously lies in the fact that this new landmark can still be used in bad meteorological conditions. This is certainly one of the most important features as it is speci cally in these conditions that navigation at sea is at its most dangerous and when positioning is so important. It has often been said that radio electric signals are a modern implementation of a lighthouse, and this is the reason why these beacons are often known as radio lighthouses. The way the old and new methods were used also showed great similarities. Sailors were used to making angle measurements to obtain distances from a central astral component (the Moon for example) and given stars, or to take sightings from referenced lighthouses to evaluate their location. The new radio beacons allowed the same kind of positioning using measurements based on electrical properties such as the amplitude of currents or voltages. This would simplify the automation of navigation systems as electrical engineering rapidly progressed.
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Does anybody really know what time it is Unix does, and it wants to help you out by creating a nice textual calendar for you. Use the cal command to get a calendar of any month or year you d like. Just typing cal gets you this month s calendar. To plan ahead for your future wedding or that far-off bar mitzvah, type cal 2007. If you want to see when Thanksgiving will fall in a few years, type cal 11 2010. To get the calendar into a file you can read with TextEdit, BBEdit, Word, or Pages, just add a redirect command and a filename, like this: cal 2007 > calendar.txt . Note that cal is very literal about the input you give it. If you type cal 06, you get a calendar not for 2006, but for the year 6. So watch out for that.
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FIGURE 14.9 Effects of traf c load on average queueing delay.
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(b) (Dif cult) What is the coin- weighing strategy for k = 3 weighings and 12 coins 2.8 Drawing with and without replacement. An urn contains r red, w white, and b black balls. Which has higher entropy, drawing k 2 balls from the urn with replacement or without replacement Set it up and show why. (There is both a dif cult way and a relatively simple way to do this.) Metric. A function (x, y) is a metric if for all x, y, (x, y) 0. (x, y) = (y, x). (x, y) = 0 if and only if x = y. (x, y) + (y, z) (x, z). (a) Show that (X, Y ) = H (X|Y ) + H (Y |X) satis es the rst, second, and fourth properties above. If we say that X = Y if there is a one-to-one function mapping from X to Y , the third property is also satis ed, and (X, Y ) is a metric. (b) Verify that (X, Y ) can also be expressed as (X, Y ) = H (X) + H (Y ) 2I (X; Y ) = H (X, Y ) I (X; Y ) = 2H (X, Y ) H (X) H (Y ). 2.10 (2.172) (2.173) (2.174)
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As you learned in 9, arrays are the perfect tool to store lots of data. When you create dynamic text and assign a variable name to the text box, you can easily display the content from an array in a text box. When you want to display an element from an array in a dynamic text box, you create a variable that s equal to the array element you want to display. To create a dynamic text box that displays an array element: 1. Create a dynamic text box as outlined earlier. 2. Open the Property inspector. 3. In the Var field, enter a name for the text box variable. Remember to adhere to the variable naming conventions discussed in 9. Your next step is to create the variable and set if equal to the array element you want to display in the text box. You can create the variable on a keyframe, within a button, or within a movie clip, depending on your design requirements. 4. Select the keyframe, button, or object where the variable will reside. 5. Click Actions Variables and then double-click set variable.
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