For 171 1, Aadj is defined to be 1. (See Section 3.4 for the properties of the adjoint.)
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Figure 10-2 shows how you might hold Roomba and draw with it, while Figure 10-3 shows a drawing made with RoombaSketch. The ability to change the pen stroke width while drawing enables a much more fluid line than is possible with a normal mouse. You can create very organic drawings. Granted, as Figure 10-2 shows, using Roomba as a mouse requires a bit more physical movement than with a normal mouse, but with some people complaining that computer users don t get enough exercise, you can now point to the Roomba and say, That s my mouse.
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As we re all becoming more and more aware in this age of Enron and Worldcom scandals, companies have their own secrets to protect. Some are legitimate, such as the formula for a new drug or the code for proprietary software, and some are a part of their own deceptive practices. Stealing such information has become a business in and of itself, and it is practiced by everybody from disgruntled ex-employees to professional information brokers.
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Sheeran, P., & Orbell, S. (1999a). Augmenting the theory of planned behavior: Roles for anticipated regret and descriptive norms. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 29, 2107 2142. Sheeran, P., & Orbell, S. (1999b). Implementation intentions and repeated behavior: Arguing the predictive validity of the theory of planned behavior. European Journal of Social Psychology, 29, 349 369. Sheeran, P., & Orbell, S. (2000). Self schemas and the theory of planned behavior. European Journal of Social Psychology, 30, 533 550. Sheeran, P., Orbell, S., & Trafimow, D. (1999). Does the temporal stability of behavioral intentions moderate intentionbehavior and past behavior-future behavior relations Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 25, 721 730. Sheeran, P., & Silverman, M. (2003). Evaluation of three interventions to promote workplace health and safety: Evidence for the utility of implementation intentions. Social Science and Medicine, 56, 2153 2163. Sheldon, K. M., Elliot, A. J., Kim, Y., & Kasser, T. (2001). What is satisfying about satisfying events Testing 10 candidate psychological needs. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 325 339. Sheppard, B. H., Hartwick, J., & Warshaw, P. R. (1988). The theory of reasoned action: A meta-analysis of past research with recommendations for modifications and future research. Journal of Consumer Research, 15, 325 343. Skinner, E. (1995). Perceived control, motivation, and coping. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Skinner, E. (1996). A guide to constructs of control. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 71, 549 570. Sparks, P., & Guthrie, C. (1998). Self-identity and the theory of planned behavior: A useful addition or an unhelpful artifice Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 28(15), 1393 1410. Sparks, P., Guthrie, C. A., & Shepherd, R. (1997). The dimensional structure of the perceived behavioral control construct. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 27, 418 438. Standage, M., Duda, J., & Ntoumanis, N. (2003). A model of contextual motivation in physical education: Using constructs from self-determination and achievement goal theories to predict physical activity intentions. Journal of Educational Psychology, 95, 97 110. Standage, M., Duda, J. L., & Ntoumanis, N. (in press). A self determination theory in school physical education. Journal of Educational Psychology. Stroebe, W., & Stroebe, M. S. (1995). Social psychology and health. Buckingham, England: Open University Press. Suminski, R. R., Poston, W. S. C., Petosa, R. L., Stevens, E., & Katzenmoyer, L. M. (2005). Features of the neighborhood environment and walking by U.S. adults. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 28(2), 149 155.
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Figure 9.3 The final frame from a typical sequence of play presented in the situational probabilities paradigm. The circles highlight the potential pass options indicated by a participant, with the corresponding numbers illustrating their respective rankings. Adapted from Underlying Mechanisms of Perceptual-Cognitive Expertise in Soccer, by P. Ward, A. M. Williams, and K. A. Ericsson, 2003, Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 25, p. S136. Adapted with permission.
In this section, we will highlight some of the design details for each subsystem, and, in particular, we will identify the primary interfaces being used. This section will serve as a high-level roadmap for the code contained in the starter kit the lowlevel documentation is provided with the code (and generated from it using XML Documentation Comments). From this high-level vantage point, we can consider the code to be divided into two major categories: the framework and the extension. Within the framework, we will look at three subareas, while the extension will contain seven subareas. Although namespaces within the Microsoft .NET Framework-based platform do not need to be tied to assemblies in a one-to-one fashion, we chose to do so for the starter kit. Even though the platform allows multiple namespaces within the same assembly and multiple assemblies within the same namespace, we did not do this in the starter kit. Instead, we have a separate namespace for each of the ten subareas, and each namespace corresponds to a single assembly within the starter kit.
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