Introduction to Frame Relay Operation in Java

Implementation code 128b in Java Introduction to Frame Relay Operation

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component.registerSkinElement(arrow_mc, "arrow"); component.registerSkinElement(face_mc, "face"); component.registerSkinElement(shadow_mc, "shadow"); component.registerSkinElement(darkshadow_mc, "darkshadow"); component.registerSkinElement(highlight_mc, "highlight"); component.registerSkinElement(highlight3D_mc, "highlight3D");
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Foundations and Fundamentals
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[541] S. Verdu and T. S. Han. The role of the asymptotic equipartition property in noiseless source coding. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 847 857, May 1997. [542] S. Verdu and S. W. McLaughlin (Eds.). Information Theory: 50 Years of Discovery. Wiley IEEE Press, New York, 1999. [543] S. Verdu and V. K. W. Wei. Explicit construction of optimal constant-weight codes for identi cation via channels. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 30 36, Jan. 1993. [544] A. C. G. Verdugo Lazo and P. N. Rathie. On the entropy of continuous probability distributions. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-24:120 122, 1978. [545] M. Vidyasagar. A Theory of Learning and Generalization. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1997. [546] K. Visweswariah, S. R. Kulkarni, and S. Verdu. Source codes as random number generators. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 462 471, Mar. 1998. [547] A. J. Viterbi and J. K. Omura. Principles of Digital Communication and Coding. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1979. [548] J. S. Vitter. Dynamic Huffman coding. ACM Trans. Math. Software, pages 158 167, June 1989. [549] V. V. V yugin. On the defect of randomness of a nite object with respect to measures with given complexity bounds. Theory Prob. Appl., 32(3):508 512, 1987. [550] A. Wald. Sequential Analysis. Wiley, New York, 1947. [551] A. Wald. Note on the consistency of the maximum likelihood estimate. Ann. Math. Stat., pages 595 601, 1949. [552] M. J. Weinberger, N. Merhav, and M. Feder. Optimal sequential probability assignment for individual sequences. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 384 396, Mar. 1994. [553] N. Weiner. Cybernetics. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, and Wiley, New York, 1948. [554] T. A. Welch. A technique for high-performance data compression. Computer, 17(1):8 19, Jan. 1984. [555] N. Wiener. Extrapolation, Interpolation and Smoothing of Stationary Time Series. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, and Wiley, New York, 1949. [556] H. J. Wilcox and D. L. Myers. An Introduction to Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Series. R.E. Krieger, Huntington, NY, 1978. [557] F. M. J. Willems. The feedback capacity of a class of discrete memoryless multiple access channels. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-28:93 95, 1982. [558] F. M. J. Willems and A. P. Hekstra. Dependence balance bounds for singleoutput two-way channels. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-35:44 53, 1989. [559] F. M. J. Willems. Universal data compression and repetition times. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, pages 54 58, Jan. 1989.
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11 Inside Application Bundles
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FIGURE 2.22 The standard transformation.
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