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4. A sensor s communication and sensing channels stay in the hibernation mode most of the time where they consume minimal energy. The communication channel will wake up routinely to receive possible messages from its CH. The sensor will perform sensing according to its CH s requirements. In order to produce information that is accurate enough to locate the moving target, DPT requires that at any given time there should be at least three sensors to sense the target jointly. The number 3 is chosen as a compromise between increasing accuracy and minimizing the consumed energy (note that this is not a hard assumption, and depending on the sensor node speci cations, the number may vary). No speci c assumptions are made about the movement pattern of the targets. However, DPT assumes that the targets originate outside the sensing region and then move inside. Also, it is assumed that the movement of each tracked target needs to be forwarded to a central location, which we term the sink. In reality, the sink could be either a special node or a terminal associated with a human. DPT Algorithm The DPT algorithm comes into play after sensors are deployed and clusters are formed. DPT distinguishes between the border sensors, sensors located within a given distance of the border, and nonborder sensors in terms of their operation. While border sensors are required to keep sensing all times in order to detect all targets that enter the sensing region, the nonborder
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This tag uses a relative path reference to the kitten photo. For more control, the tag could take advantage of MTImageInfo s support for other template tags. To include tag output in an attribute, place the tag within square brackets instead of angle brackets, like so:
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Psychology as a Science
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John W. Young, of the Four Seasons Hotels, echoes their ideas: The challenge is to motivate your employees to deliver the required level of service to your customers, and do it consistently. . . . If we are to succeed in delivery of exceptional service, we have to convince every new employee of the bene t of buying in to our philosophy and standards. 16 In short, a consistently high level of service will be provided only by employees who are committed to the service management program. This commitment is fostered by management. It is such commitment that allows the front desk clerk to tell the newly registered guest about the special musical combo group playing in the lounge or to ask how the traf c coming in from the airport was or to suggest consulting the concierge in the lobby for directions to points of interest in the city. 12 further discusses employee motivation, and those concepts are crucial to the development and administration of a service management program. Consider each employee in each hotel and determine how to stimulate their commitment to service. If money will motivate them, nancial incentive programs that reward positive expressions of hospitality are in order. Employee stock ownership programs also provide an incentive for employees to realize nancially the importance of delivering a consistently high level of hospitality. Other reward systems may include preferential treatment in scheduling shifts, longer vacations, and extra holidays. Long-range rewards may include promotion opportunities.
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This probability is similar to tau-a but has the condition of no ties on both variables.
On page 3, the information the user has entered on the previous pages is displayed in a series of
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