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believed the prestige of psychology had been enhanced by its contributions to the war effort. (See Weiner s chapter on assessment in this volume for further details on the testing movement at this time.) On December 28, 1917, an organization known as the American Association of Clinical Psychologists (AACP) was founded by J. E. Wallin, Leta Hollingworth, Rudolf Pintner, and three others. Aside from conviviality, the AACP came into being because clinicians wanted a group that would be forceful in addressing their concerns, such as mental tests being administered by nonquali ed examiners and clinicians gaining legal recognition as experts in the determination of mental retardation and psychopathology. Robert Yerkes, the president of the APA at the time and also a member of AACP, negotiated with the dissidents and convinced them their interests would be best served through the APA. Accordingly the AACP went out of existence in 1919 and became the Clinical Section of the APA, the rst of what were to become the many divisions of that organization. About the only activity of the AACP during its brief life was to sponsor a symposium at the 1918 APA convention. The room was so jammed with people that it was not possible to present this program, but the papers were published the next year in the Journal of Applied Psychology. David Mitchell is regarded as the rst to earn his living through private practice; he obtained his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (Meltzer, 1966; Mitchell, 1919, 1931) and reported that his treatment approach involved strengthening and eliminating habits. The number of child-guidance clinics began to grow during the 1920s with the support of the Commonwealth Fund, established by the Harkness family which also funded the National Committee for Mental Hygiene to seek the causes and prevention of juvenile delinquency. These clinics, usually staffed by psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and social workers and concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of child problems of all sorts, from infancy through adolescence, served as additional sources of employment for clinicians. By 1930, there were about 500 clinics in the United States offering psychiatric services, of which about 125 were child guidance; by 1936, there were 676 psychiatric clinics and 87 psycho-educational clinics, the latter mostly af liated with colleges and directed by psychologists. In 1924, the psychiatrist Karl Menninger met with a group of colleagues at the Institute for Juvenile Research to form the American Orthopsychiatric Association. Its rst president was William Healy. Although voting membership in the group was initially restricted to psychiatrists, this restriction was dropped within 2 years. Among the clinical psychologists in this organization were Lightner Witmer, Augusta
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Figure 5.2 Comparison of overall response of the North American 302 and 500/ 2500 telephone sets. (From W. F. Tuffnell: 500-Type Telephone S, Bell Labs Record, Sept. 1951, copyright 1951 Bell Telephone Laboratories.) Note: the 302 type subset is now obsolete (Ref. 3).
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Importance of Standard Operating Procedures for Posting and the Night Audit
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Most helping professionals use interviewing as a standard approach to assessing problems and formulating hypotheses and conclusions. Talking with appropriate, interested, and knowledgeable parties (the patient, family
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After reviewing with your children the IM safety guidelines listed in 12, be sure to stress to them the importance of never opening IM attachments and never clicking on links in an IM.
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Flash MX has a Components panel with preset components such as checkboxes, scroll bars, and scroll panes you can add to your documents. The actions in the Flash UI Components book are used to create UI components with ActionScript or to modify existing UI components added to your document from the Components panel.
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I said this is confusing. Fortunately, there is a much clearer way to access a cell relative to a range, called the Offset property. I ll discuss this property after the next section.
Figure 18.2. Whole sides were cured in traditional Wiltshire curing, but most modern bacon derives from the loin and belly, which produce back bacon and streaky bacon, respectively. Often the shoulders are used for sausages and the hindlimb for ham.
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