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Put the text you want to appear preformatted in a PRE element.
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band (20 KHz to @140 KHz for upstream signal from home or o ce, and @140 KHz to 1100 KHz for downstream signal to home or o ce) in twisted-pair copper telephone line for simultaneous transmission of multiple voice conversations and high-bit-rate data services (detailed information on DSL can be found at,, www.dslreports. com, 2001, etc.). DSLA Digital speech level analyzer; a tool for predicting speech quality and measuring the characteristics of the speech channel (see www.malden. for details). DSLAM Digital subscriber line access multiplexer; this refers to a network element residing in the PSTN central o ce (CO) which multiplexes (or combines) signals from multiple DSL customers, and splits the information so that voice call related tra c can be routed to the PSTN switch, and data tra c can be routed to the Internet backbone. DSL Forum This refers to a forum of computing and telecommunication equipment manufacturers and service providers, which facilitates development of speci cations (available at html) for con guring, provisioning, and interoperability of DSL-based network elements in order to promote the DSL technology to the residential and business customers. DSP Digital signal processor or processing; processor refers to special purpose integrated circuit chips for computationally intensive processing coding/decoding, modulation/demodulation, echo and noise cancellation, tone detection, etc. of voice or video signal; Processing refers to algorithmbased operation of analog information which has been converted into a digital format. DTMF Dual tone multifrequency; representation of each digit (0 to 9) and characters (*, #, A Z) using a pair of sine waves chosen from eight (four from 697 to 941 Hz and four from 1209 to 1633 Hz) di erent frequencies; for example, the digit 0 is represented as the combination of 941-Hz and 1336-Hz signals. E&M Ear and mouth or receive and transmit; the signaling technique that is normally used on trunks between PBX types of equipment. EC Echo cancellation; the process of removing echo from the line by keeping a sample of the speech sent on the forward path and subtracting it from the inverse of the speech coming back from the reverse direction (echoes are usually caused by a mismatch in impedance in the telephone wiring). EFM Ethernet in the rst mile; this refers to an Industry alliance to develop technologies to support transmission of Ethernet frames directly over e.g., DSL removing the need to use the ATM in layer 2 (or link layer). Point-topoint connection over single-pair of voice-grade twisted-pair copper wire, and point-to-point and multipoint connections over optical ber links will be supported. EFM is scheduled to be lab- and eld-tested during 2003, with
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After you have imported data, you can change its properties by right-clicking it and then clicking Data Range Properties.
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Career Transitions and Career Termination
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you should do something like this:
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40 ms for six time slots 4.615 ms for eight time slots.
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we have). Future possible approaches are described in 12. Finally, concerning traf c information, it is noticeable that this feature changes the usage of navigation systems: from occasional use in unknown places only and not for routine displacements, to a daily use, where the optimization of the time spent in traveling is really an added-value service.
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