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Percent Cooperative Behavior
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Learn the power of the command line Use the shell s command history Play hidden Unix games
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treatment. So it is with some embarrassment that I now find myself presenting a treatment that begins with the expectation that families of borderline individuals are important allies of the treaters and that largely finesses the whole issue of whether they had anything to do with the origins of psychopathology. . . . The parents generally saw the families as much healthier than did the borderline offspring. Much of the preceding literature about the families of borderline patients derived solely from reports provided by the borderline patients, and rarely included the families perspective. (Gunderson, Berkowitz, & Ruiz-Sanchez, 1997, p. 449)
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Research is needed to determine if treatments used in clinical psychology are effective. The Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures (1995) of the APA Division of Clinical Psychology (Division 12) has developed guidelines for psychotherapy treatments based on solid research findings (D. Chambless et al., 1996). Empirically supported treatments are well established treatment approaches that have received significant research support demonstrating their efficacy (D. Chambless & Ollendick, 2001; Rehm, 1997; W. Sanderson, 1994; W. Sanderson & Woody, 1995). Criteria for acceptance as empirically supported treatments include the demonstration of efficacy using well-designed between group and/or a large series of single case design experiments. Results from these experiments must have demonstrated treatment superiority to placebo or other treatments as well as having used enough subjects to have adequate statistical power. Furthermore, the experiments must be conducted using treatment manuals and the characteristics of the clients must be very clearly specified. Finally the effects must be found by at least two independent researchers or research teams. These standards have been applied to the numerous treatment approaches that have been used to treat a large range of problems. Empirically supported treatments have been developed for the treatment of chemical abuse and dependency, anxiety, depressive, sexual, eating, and health problems. Examples of empirically supported treatments include exposure treatment for phobias and posttraumatic stress disorder, cognitive-behavior therapy for headache, panic, irritable bowel syndrome, and bulimia, and insight-oriented dynamic therapy for depression and marital discord. Many contemporary clinical psychologists argue that only empirically validated treatments should be used in clinical practice
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Right-click in the empty space on your desktop. Select Properties.
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Create table PROJ5 as Select Pno, Pname, Budget, PROJ.Dno From PROJ, DEPT4 Where PROJ.Dno = DEPT4.Dno; Create table PROJ6 as Select Pno, Pname, Budget, PROJ.Dno From PROJ, DEPT5 Where PROJ.Dno = DEPT5.Dno;
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Add keywords for your post, separated by spaces. For example, the TechnoratiTags plugin might get these tags: technorati tags MovableType. (Note that Movable Type was turned into one word: MovableType. If it had been spelled with the space, the entry would have been tagged with Movable and Type but not Movable Type.) In your Individual Archive template, add the following somewhere between the MTEntries tags (for example, near the entry s byline):
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Your message needs to be short and sweet. If you find you have too many different things to communicate in your page, take one of three actions:
and H (Y n |X n , I0 , J0 ) n n . We can write a chain of inequalities
29 Understanding Class Modules
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