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Family and Caregiver Issues
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0.45 Line: Analysis Marker: Simulation SCT Synchronized SCT Unsynchronized DCT Synchronized DCT Unsynchronized 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
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here that the alphabet is running backwards, thus K, J, I, H, G . . . D.
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(7.144) (7.145) (7.146) 1 I (V n ; V n ) (7.147) n 1 I (X n ; Y n ) (7.148) n (7.149)
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Part VI Developing Applications
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Corporate business travel should not be taken for granted by hotel managers in today s world of high energy prices and speedy communication. Oil prices signi cantly affect business travel; as the cost of fuel oil rises, higher prices for air travel and other means of transportation result. A business is not always willing or able to budget more for travel. When travel costs increase, less travel is done and the necessity of any business travel is reviewed. Executives will no longer hop the next plane to clinch a deal if the same task can be accomplished via a phone call, a (conference call), in which three or more persons are linked by telephone (or PictureTel which is the use of telephone lines to send and receive video and audio impressions). Shorter trips (day trips or one-night stays) are another response to the increased cost of travel. The volume created by business travel often represents the largest portion of the regular income of a hotel property. This prime market must be constantly reviewed for economic details that affect its viability.
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10000 10 LTF 7500 5000 2500
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You may be getting in really deep. If you are or you think you may eventually be responsible for maintaining a thousand-page Web site, then you need to start thinking about two things: how will you manage the information and how will you manage the people who do the work Some practices you may want to implement are as follows: 1. Create a Central Web Team. This team will be working on the Web site full-time. 2. Have all design decisions, all procedural changes, and all organizational decisions originate with the Central Web Team. You need to set a precedent right away that every page can t be unique. HTML 4 supports your decision to control the look of the site by providing you with style sheets. Create your style sheets at this level.
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is empty. It is important to stress that with this naming scheme it is possible to advertise a second Web server in the domain scs.carleton.ca provided by a different SA, for instance: service:www.test:http://apex.scs.carleton.ca/index.html UAs request access to Web servers by the service-type name http. Two SAPs will be returned. This contrasts with a conventional Internet naming scheme where, by convention, the Web server in domain scs.carleton.ca is advertised under the name www.scs.carleton.ca and is mapped to a unique machine address. The attribute list provides additional information required to access a service. The attribute list is made of pairs of attribute id and value according to the following syntax: attribute-id = value attribute-id is common to all SAs offering the same kind of service. Value is specific to every SA. For example, access to a secure banking service may require the client to have a knowledge of a security parameter index (SPI) that determines an authentication key and algorithm to be used by the UA to contact the SA. This can be represented as follows: service:banking.demo:iiop://some.where.net;SPI=19 The attribute SPI tells the UA to use an authentication key and algorithm associated with the number 19 (which is arbitrary for this example). The information represented in service advertisements needs to be described precisely. SLP defines a structure of service location information [13]. It is a model of data for the precise specification of elements of service advertisements (i.e., a type of service, attributes, and a SAP). Besides, it is extensible. That is, the introduction of new types of services is possible. A service type is described by a structure called a service type template. The concept of template is analogous to the concept of structure in the C programming language. Each service type is described by a template written according to formal syntax rules. Each instance of the service is specified by assigning effective values to each attribute defined in the template and defining the SAP, which may have a service-type specific syntax defined in the template. The model of a service-type template is pictured in Figure 27.1 using UML notation. A service type template has a name, a version, and a description. It contains zero or more attributes and, optionally, a URL syntax definition. The purpose of the version field is to capture the evolution of a template. A template that is under development should have a number below 1.0, whereas standardized templates should be numbered from 1.0 and above. The description field is free format text for the purpose of documentation. Each attribute has a name, a data type, default value(s), a descriptive text, and allowed values. Valid data types are Boolean, integer, string, opaque, and keyword. A value of the
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