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height: height of the inline frame in pixels width: width of the inline frame in pixels align: deprecated; used to specify alignment on the page
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With the advance of wireless technology and the increasing worldwide wireless network deployment, wireless metropolitan-area networks (wireless MAN) have been on an upswing to enable ubiquitous Internet access. Developing and employing the wireless mesh networking technology for creating wireless MAN de ned in IEEE 802.11s has been well recognized as a promising solution. Recently, higher speed IEEE 802.16a WiMax serves as the technology of choice to connect metropolitan-area wireless mesh networks (WMNs) to the Internet, which extends IEEE 802.11 based WMNs to cover a large geographical area, as shown in Fig. 22.1. As a promising alternative yet complement to the stateof-the-art last-mile technologies such as digital subscriber lines (DSL) and cable modem, WMNs have been proved with the ability of reducing network operational cost and extending service coverage by taking advantage of the infrastructure-free and low maintenance characteristics for broadband wireless access. Different from the wired Internet, a metropolitan-area WMN is expected to be operated locally, which is mainly composed of a cloud of distributed mesh access points (MAPs) as the backhaul. A wireless mesh link exists between two MAPs if one is located within the coverage area of the other and vice versa. A number of physically adjacent MAPs are grouped to form an extended service set (ESS) corresponding to a mesh gateway (MGW), which interfaces the ESS with IEEE 802.16a base stations (BSs), and then connects to the public Internet. Within the WMN backhaul, numerous independent wireless Internet service
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to avoid the hard feelings among veterans that occurred as a result of their poor treatment following the First World War, ill feeling that had led to a massive march on Washington, D.C. It was evident in 1942 that psychiatrists were too few in number to provide the necessary clinical services, so the federal government mandated that the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) and the Veterans Administration (VA) signi cantly expand the pool of mental health professionals. That translated into increasing the availability of clinical psychologists. The USPHS and VA worked with the new APA to expand doctoral training programs in clinical psychology and to identify programs of acceptable quality. The latter goal led to the formation of the APA s accreditation program for clinical psychology programs in 1946 and for counseling psychology programs in 1952. The former goal initiated a series of meetings with department heads of doctoral psychology programs who had extant clinical psychology programs or were interested in developing such programs. The USPHS promised funding to university graduate programs to support clinical psychology students, and the VA promised funding for practica and internship training (Moore, 1992). Because the GI bill had been altered to include bene ts for graduate study, money was also available from that program to support doctoral training for veterans, and many chose to pursue advanced study in psychology, with much of that interest directed toward clinical psychology. Although an accreditation process was already in place within the APA as of 1946, there was no agreed-upon model for clinical training. Discussions of such models dated to the 1890s with a proposal from Witmer, which was followed by subsequent curriculum and training proposals by APA s Clinical Section in 1918 1919 in a series of articles in the Journal of Applied Psychology, by the ACP, and by the AAAP. As a leader in the AAAP, clinical psychologist David Shakow (1901 1981) was the key gure in drafting a model curriculum for clinical training. He developed a proposal for the AAAP in 1941 that shaped all subsequent discussions, leading to the report of the Committee on Training in Clinical Psychology (CTCP), an APA committee founded in 1946 with Shakow as chair and funded by the VA and the USPHS. The committee s formidable charge was to
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symbols. See Using the Movie Explorer on page 40. In addition, in the Actions panel, you can view any actions assigned to a button or movie clip.
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802.1 Bridging
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The MyQuickDrawView.m file contains the implementation for the MyQuickDrawView class. Much of this code is deep QuickTime-fu, created by Apple as sample code. If you modify it, you might find it no longer works the way you thought it would. However, you can t really damage anything (in the physical world) by experimenting, so you should feel free to mess around and see what interesting things you can create.
and hence the complexity of x satis es K(x) log 14.12 1 + c. PU (x) (14.106)
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