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Confidentiality and the New HIPAA Law
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In Part One, you learn what steganography is and how it has evolved over time. You ll also learn about cryptography and digital watermarking because those two companion technologies are often used in concert with steganography. In Part Two, you discover who is using steganography and explore some of the ethical and legal challenges we face when detecting and cracking secret communication. Then you study the nuts and bolts of using steganography tools and transmitting hidden data over networks. Part Three is where you learn about methods you can use to crack steganography and cryptography, ideas for keeping your own communications secure, and the future direction of steganography.
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Acid Production
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Block Codes
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Lennon and Caplan
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Figure 6-7 shows the internals of the Roomba. The two large silver boxes located right below the vacuum brush motor are the dirt sensors. Inside each of those magic boxes is a dense analog circuit that implements something similar to those capacitive touch sensors on table lamps. The motor over-current sensor is presumably determined by a current sense somewhere in the motor driver circuit.
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Working with Graphic Objects 133
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The fastest way to create a chart on a new sheet is to select your data and press F11. Excel creates a new chart sheet and uses the default chart type.
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and assume that X and Z are independent. The channel capacity is given by I (X; X + Z). Now for the game. The noise player chooses a distribution on Z to minimize I (X; X + Z), while the signal player chooses a distribution on X to maximize I (X; X + Z). Letting X N(0, P ), Z N(0, N), show that Gaussian X and Z satisfy the saddlepoint conditions I (X; X + Z ) I (X ; X + Z ) I (X ; X + Z). Thus, min max I (X; X + Z) = max min I (X; X + Z)
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