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The owner cannot understand why he has $64,000 of retained earnings and a net income of $16,800 after tax from year 2005 but has no money in the bank. Give the owner any explanations you can using this information.
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Find the Fisher information for the following families:
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If you need to determine the number of printed pages for a worksheet printout, you can use Excel s Print Preview feature and view the page count displayed at the bottom of the screen. The following VBA procedure that follows calculates the number of printed pages for the active sheet by counting the number of horizontal and vertical page breaks:
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Figure 8-2
qualities for being an effective psychotherapist (Kleinke, 1994). Several studies have failed to find a difference in psychotherapy outcome between therapies provided by professionals versus paraprofessionals (Berman & Norton, 1985; Stein & Lambert, 1984). Surprisingly, some studies have found that the use of paraprofessionals results in superior outcomes relative to professionals (Hattie, Sharpley, & Rogers, 1984; M. Lambert et al., 2003). The Hattie et al. study, however, has been severely criticized (e.g., Berman & Norton, 1985) for using poor quality research in their analysis and for considering social workers as paraprofessionals. M. Lambert and colleagues (2003) found that psychology trainees (e.g., interns) under staff supervision have better treatment outcomes than profession staff therapists. However, other research has demonstrated that the experience and training of the therapist is important for positive therapeutic outcomes (Bergin & Lambert, 1978; Consumer Reports, 1995; Driscoll, Cukrowicz, Reitzal, Hernandez, Petty & Joiner, 2003; Dush, Hirt, & Schroeder, 1989; Lyons & Woods, 1991; Seligman, 1995; Teyber & McClure, 2000; Weisz, Weiss, Alicke, & Klotz, 1987). These studies have found that professionals with solid experience, training, and credentials were more helpful to patients than were those with minimal experience, training, and credentials. For example, the aforementioned survey by Consumer Reports magazine (November, 1995; Seligman, 1995) found that patients were more satisfied and had better outcomes when treated by psychologists and psychiatrists than when treated by less-trained marriage counselors. Although both well-trained and poorly trained therapists can both potentially provide poor professional service and in fact do harm, minimally trained therapists are more likely to provide a very narrow range of treatment options that often are not based on solid research
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