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35. C. McDiarmid and B. Reed, Channel assignment and weighted colouring. Submitted for publication, 1997. 36. C. McDiarmid and B. Reed, Colouring proximity graphs in the plane, Discrete Mathematics, 199: 123 137, 1999. 37. L. Narayanan and S. Shende, Static frequency assignment in cellular networks, Algorithmica, 29: 396 409, 2001. 38. L. Narayanan and Y. Tang, Worst-case analysis of a dynamic channel assignment strategy, in Proceedings of Dial M for Mobility 2000, pp. 215 227, Boston: ACM Press, 2000. 39. G. Pantizou, G. Penatris, and P. Spirakis, Competitive call control in mobile networks, in Proceedings of ISAAC 97, New York: Springer-Verlag, pp. 404 413, 1997. 40. R. Peeters, On coloring j-unit sphere graphs. Technical Report FEW 512, Department of Economics, Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 1991. 41. R. Prakash, N. Shivaratri, and M. Singhal, Distributed dynamic channel allocation for mobile computing, in Principles of Distributed Computing, Ottawa, Canada: ACM Press, pp. 47 56, 1995. 42. N. Schabanel, S. Ubeda, and Zerovnik, A note on upper bounds for the span of frequency planning in cellular networks. Submitted for publication, 1997. 43. M. Serizawa and D. Goodman, Instability and deadlock of distributed dynamic channel allocation, Proc. 43rd IEEE VTC, pp. 528 531, 1993. 44. C. Thomassen, Every planar graph is 5-choosable, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 62: 180 181, 1994. 45. J. van den Heuvel, R. A. Leese, and M. A. Shepherd, Graph labeling and radio channel assignment, Journal of Graph Theory, 29: 263 283, 1999. 46. S. Vishwanathan. Randomized online graph coloring. Journal of Algorithms, 13: 657 669, 1992. 47. W. Yue, Analytical methods to calculate the performance of a cellular mobile radio communication system with hybrid channel assignment, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 40, 2, 453 459, 1991. 48. J. Zerovnik, On a distributed randomized algorithm for frequency assignment, in Proceedings of the High Performance Computing Symposium, San Diego, pp. 399 404, 1999. 49. M. Zhang and T.-S. P. Yum, Comparisons of channel assignment strategies in cellular mobile telephone systems, IEEE Transactions in Vehicular Technology, 38: 211 215, 1989.
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TABLE 3.26
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Experimental Design
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important indicators of Axis I diagnoses (Bagby et al., 1997; Trull & Sher, 1994), and personality profiles provide a wealth of information relevant to the development of rapport, the choice of therapies, and the prediction of treatment outcome (Costa & McCrae, 1992a; Mut n, 1991). T. Miller (1991) discussed the clinical presentation, treatment implications, and outcome expectations for each pole of each of the five factors. For example, he reported that patients low in A often report victimization because they are so easily offended (cf. McCullough, Emmons, Kilpatrick, & Mooney, 2003); that they are skeptical of the process of psychotherapy and of the skills of the clinician; and that, at extremely low levels, they might terminate treatment prematurely (if, indeed, they began it at all). Miller argued that information on early in the course of therapy was essential to build a satisfactory treatment alliance. Given the close links between general personality traits and PDs, it follows that a complete PD diagnosis would yield some of the same information that assessment of the FFM does. For example, patients who have paranoid PD are very low in A and would probably show the same pattern of clinical presentation, treatment implications, and outcome expectations that T. Miller (1991) described for disagreeable patients. However, most patients do not meet criteria for any PD, whereas all patients have personality profiles. Further, measures of the FFM provide some information that PD diagnoses cannot. In particular, none of the PDs is a reliable indicator of standing on O (Ball, Tennen, Poling, Kranzler, & Rounsaville, 1997; Egan, Austin, Elliot, Patel, & Charlesworth, 2003), despite the fact that O is central to the way clients understand the therapeutic enterprise. As Miller (1991) said, O influences the client s reaction to interventions. . . . Some treatment methods are more unconventional than others, and clients differ in the extent to which they feel comfortable with novelty (pp. 425 426). The small literature on trait-by-treatment interactions in psychotherapy includes demonstrations that O does affect treatment efficacy. Weinstein and Smith (1992), for example, showed that anxious patients high in Absorption, a trait related to O, benefited more from meditation. Five-factor model assessments, either from self-reports or from informant ratings, can rule out PD diagnoses, suggest (with modest accuracy) the presence of some PDs, and provide a broader portrait of the enduring characteristics of the individual, which can contribute unique information relevant to the choice of therapies.
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Using the MP3 compression option The MP3 compression option lets you export sounds with MP3 compression. Use MP3 when you are exporting longer stream sounds such as music sound tracks. If you are exporting a file that was imported in MP3 format, you can choose to export the file using the same settings the file had on import.
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Learning can shape foraging behavior
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Part V Appendixes
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A binary symmetric channel
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Posting Guest Charges and Payments
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Note that the child node probability depends only on its parents.
A2 Tb 4 A2 Tb 4 1 A2 Tb (E 0 + E 1 ) = 2 4 (35)
1934 1945: TM entered Brooklyn s P.S. 177 in a first-grade class for children who spoke only Yiddish. He was taught algebra and geometry that year at home by his paternal grandfather and invited to attend a gifted program at New York City s Hunter College in third grade. He returned to fifth grade in Brooklyn to an excellent and kindly teacher, Martin Greenspan; a special friendship developed with fellow school artist, Maurice Sendak. His junior high school English teacher, David Oberman, was highly encouraging and stimulating, as was Lafayette High School math teacher, Albert Freilich. Friendly but competitive relationships emerged with fellow students Izzy Mandelbaum and Ed Murray, the latter a future university psychology colleague. Notable throughout this period was a preoccupation with theater and imitative singing (Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Danny Kaye), suggesting a possible career direction. That, as well as a serious future as an artist, was quickly dismissed by family as an inappropriate aspiration.
If you get an error message when VBA encounters the Dim statement, make sure that you ve added a reference to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility.
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among anxious and depressed patients. She would like to have the patients exercise in a laboratory to determine how much exercise is needed to elevate mood. Unsure of what equipment to use and how intense the exercise sessions should be, she consults with several colleagues who are experts in this field for advice and guidance. The consultants also might provide useful journal articles or other reading materials or invite the psychologist to tour their laboratory to observe their testing and research protocols.
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