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EXTERNAL CONTROL The most elemental way to in uence someone s behavior is make rewards and punishments contingent on the enactment of the behavior. For the better part of the twentieth century, experimental psychology was essentially de ned in terms of this perspective, and during this era a wide variety of reinforcement principles were generated and validated. Attempts to extend these principles to social psychology were always complicated by the undeniable cognitive capacities of humans and the role of such capacities in regulating behavior (cf. Bandura, 1986; Zajonc, 1980). Nonetheless, several lines of research based on behaviorist assumptions are represented in social psychology (e.g., Byrne, 1971; Staats, 1975). With respect to social in uence, this perspective suggests simply that people are motivated to do things that are associated with the attainment of pleasant consequences or the avoidance of unpleasant consequences. Thus, people adopt new attitudes, develop preferences for one another, change the frequency of certain behaviors, or take on new activities because they in effect have been trained to do so. It s fair to say this perspective never achieved mainstream status in social psychology, but one might think that social in uence would be an exception. Reinforcement, after all, is de ned in terms of the control of behavior, and to the extent that a self-interest premise underlies virtually all social psychological theories (cf. Miller, 1999), it is hard to imagine how the promise of
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171 Multicasting for IPv6
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From Land to Information
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function hidePrefs() { try { if (needRefresh) fetchNewMusic(xml_callback); var front = document.getElementById( front ); var back = document.getElementById( back ); if (window.widget) widget.prepareForTransition( ToFront ); none ; block ; if (window.widget) setTimeout ( widget.performTransition(); , 0); } catch (ex) { alert( Exception + ex); } }
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What is the principal cause of echo in the telephone network What causes singing in the telephone network Differentiate balance return loss from the point of view of stability (singing) from echo return loss. How can we control echo (Two answers required). The stability of a telephone connection depends on three factors. Give two of these factors. Based on the new loss plan for North America for the digital network, how much loss is inserted for interLATA connections
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Now consider this example. A loaded 500-pair VF trunk cable extends across town. A new switching center is to be installed along the route where 50 pairs are to be dropped and 50 inserted. It would be desirable to establish the new switch midway between load points. At the switch, 450 circuits will by-pass the of ce (switch). Using this D/ 2 technique, these circuits need no conditioning; they are full-load sections (i.e., D/ 2 + D/ 2 1D, a full-load section). Meanwhile, the 50 circuits entering from each direction are terminated for switching and need conditioning so that each looks electrically like a full-load section. However, the physical distance from the switch out to the rst load point is D/ 2 or, in the case of H loading, 3000 ft or 915 m. To make the load coil distance electrically equivalent to 6000 ft or 1830 m, line build-out (LBO) is used. LBO is described in Section Suppose that the location of a new switching center was such that it was not halfway, but at some other fractional distance. For the section comprising the shorter distance, LBO is used. For the other, longer run, often a half-load coil is installed at the switching center and LBO is added to trim up the remaining electrical distance.
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Homeostasis, Disequilibria
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