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CPAN, the directory of Perl modules, lists quite a few Gmail-related modules, one of which is shown in Figure 7-2. But at time of this writing, the only one working is Allen Holman s Mail::Webmail::Gmail.
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Part I: Comprehending the Mechanics of ActionScript
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A more in uential theory, perhaps, has been that of Donald Hebb (1949). Hebb suggested the necessity of distinguishing among different intelligences. Intelligence A is innate potential. It is biologically determined and represents the capacity for development. Hebb described it as the possession of a good brain and a good neural metabolism (p. 294). Intelligence B is the functioning of the brain in which development has occurred. It represents an average level of performance by a person who is partially grown. Although some inference is necessary in determining either intelligence, Hebb suggested that inferences about intelligence A are far less direct than inferences about intelligence B. A further distinction could be made with regard to Intelligence C, which is the score one obtains on an intelligence test. This intelligence is Boring s intelligence as the tests test it. A theory with an even greater impact on the eld of intelligence research is that of the Russian psychologist Alexander Luria (1973, 1980). Luria believed that the brain is a highly differentiated system whose parts are responsible for different aspects of a uni ed whole. In other words, separate cortical regions act together to produce thoughts and actions of various kinds. Luria (1980) suggested that the brain comprises three main units. The rst, a unit of arousal, includes the brain stem and midbrain structures. Included within this rst unit are the medulla, reticular activating system, pons, thalamus, and hypothalamus. The second unit of the brain is a sensori-input unit, which includes the temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes. The third unit includes the frontal cortex, which is involved in organization and planning. It comprises cortical structures anterior to the central sulcus. The most active research program based on Luria s theory has been that of J. P. Das and his colleagues (e.g., Das, Kirby, & Jarman, 1979; Das, Naglieri, & Kirby, 1994; Naglieri & Das, 1990, 1997). The theory as they conceive of it is referred to as PASS theory, referring to planning, attention, simultaneous processing, and successive processing. The idea is that intelligence requires the ability to plan and to pay attention. It also requires the ability to attend simultaneously to many aspects of a stimulus, such as a picture, or, in some cases, to process stimuli sequentially, as when one memorizes a string of digits to remember a telephone number. Other research and tests also have been based on Luria s theory (e.g., Kaufman & Kaufman, 1983). An entirely different approach to understanding intellectual abilities has emphasized the analysis of hemispheric specialization in the brain. This work goes back to a nding of an obscure country doctor in France, Marc Dax, who in 1836 presented a little-noticed paper to a medical society meeting in Montpelier. Dax had treated a number of patients suffering from loss of speech as a result of brain damage. The
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