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For the best results, you might want to convert the Text Tools utility workbook to an add-in. Refer to 21 for more information about creating add-ins.
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The integration of theoretical and treatment perspectives is challenging and complex. Each perspective has its own language, leaders, and practices. Furthermore, research is challenging to conduct because what happens in a laboratory or research clinic may be very different from what happens in a clinician s office. For example, a treatment manual that clearly specifies a behavioral intervention for panic disorder used in research is likely not used in clinical practice. Efforts at integration tend to occur in one of three ways: (1) integrating the theories associated with each perspective, (2) developing an understanding of the common factors associated with each perspective, and (3) using eclectism in a practical way to provide a range of available intervention strategies (Arkowitz, 1989, 1992). Most attempts to integrate perspectives have involved the integration of psychodynamic and behavioral approaches. Perhaps this is due to the fact that during most of the twentieth century, the majority
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P. H. Robinson. 2006. Effects of two beta-adrenergic agonists on nishing performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of feedlot steers. Journal of Animal Science 84(12):3259 3265. Bauer, F. 1983. Free glutamic acid in meat products. Ernahrung 7:688. Bendall, J. R., and J. Wismer-Pedersen. 1962. Some properties of the brillar proteins of normal and watery pork muscle. Journal of Food Science 27: 144. Bianchini, W., A. C. Silveira, and A. M. Jorge. 2007. Efeito do grupo gen tico sobre as caracter sticas de carca a e maciez da carne fresca e maturada de bovinos superprecoces. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 36(6):2109 2117. Blanchard, P. J., C. C. Warkup, M. Ellis, M. B. Willis, and P. Avery. 1999. The in uence of the proportion of Duroc genes on growth, carcass and pork eating quality characteristics. Animal Science 68(3):495 501. Bidner, B., M. Ellis, S. Brewer, D. Campion, E. Wilson, and F. McKeith. 2004. Effect of ultimate pH on the quality characteristics of pork. Journal of Muscle Foods 15(2):139 154. Boler, D. D., S. R. Gabriel, H. Yang, R. Balsbaugh, D. C. Mahan, M. S. Brewer, F. K. McKeith, and J. Killefer. 2009. Effect of different dietary levels of natural-source vitamin E in grow- nish pigs on pork quality and shelf life. Meat Science 83(4):723 730. Bourne, M. 1992. Calibration of rheological techniques used for foods. Journal of Food Engineering 16:151 163. Brewer, S., H. Lan, and F. McKeith. 1998. Consumer evaluation of pork appearance with differing physiological and packaging conditions. Journal of Muscle Foods 9(2):173 183. Brewer, S., J. Jensen, A. Sosnicki, B. Field, E. Wilson, and F. McKeith. 2002. The effect of pig genetics on palatability, color and physical characteristics of fresh loin chops. Meat Science 61:249 256. Brewer, S., L. Zhu, and F. McKeith. 2001. Marbling effects on quality characteristics of pork loin chops: Consumer purchase intent, visual and sensory characteristics. Meat Science 59(2):153 163. Brewer, S., and J. Novakofski. 2008. Consumer quality evaluation of aging of beef. Journal of Food Science 73(1):S78 S82. Brewer, S., K. Ryan, J. Jensen, C. Prestat, L. Zhu, A. Sosnicki, B. Field, R. Hankes, and F. McKeith. 2004. Enhancement effects on quality characteristics of pork derived from pigs of various commercial genetic backgrounds. Journal of Food Science 69(1):5 10. Bruce, H. L., S. L. Beilken, and P. Leppard. 2005. Textural descriptions of cooked steaks from bovine M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum from different production and aging regimes. Journal of Food Science 70:S309 S316. Calkins, C. 2006. Mitigation of avor in fed and non fed cow beef. Final report to the National Cattlemen s Beef Association. Centennial, Colo. Calkins, C., and S. Cuppett. 2006. Volatile compounds in beef and their contribution to off- avors. Final
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Category No category (appears only in All) Financial Date & Time Math & Trig Statistical Lookup & Reference Database Text Logical Information Commands (this category is normally hidden) Customizing (this category is normally hidden) Macro Control (this category is normally hidden) DDE/External (this category is normally hidden) User Defined (default) Engineering (this category is valid only if the Analysis ToolPak add-in is installed)
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Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory of Personality
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Token passing replication control example with failures.
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0.90 (NH4)3H(SO4)2 0.80
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Applications must remember preferences even after you quit and restart them, so obviously, preferences have to be stored in files. Specifically, OS X apps use property list files to keep track of their settings. You might remember property lists from the discussion way back in the previous chapter on information property lists, or Info.plist files, that hold important details about applications and other bundles. What do those files have to do with preferences Very little, except that both take advantage of the general property list mechanism. A property list is simply a well-structured file that uses XML to store its information. Preference files and information property lists are two different kinds of property lists that perform two different functions. Like all official XML files, property lists are defined by a formal document type definition (DTD) that describes its features. Every property list includes a link to its DTD. At the top of property list files, you see the following line:
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The preceding code creates a RoombaComm object. The RoombaComm object contains all the protocol-independent methods for communicating with a Roomba. It is the ROI protocol embodied in code. Subclasses of RoombaComm implement a few low-level methods to send and receive data. One example of such a subclass is RoombaCommSerial, for dealing with communicating with a Roomba over a serial port. Another example is RoombaCommTCPClient, for talking to a TCP-connected Roomba cleaner. When an appropriate RoombaComm object is created, the next step is to try to connect to Roomba with the connect() method. In RoombaCommSerial, connect() hides all the Java serial messiness that is needed. If the connection succeeds, then the START and CONTROL commands are sent to the robot through the startup() and control() methods. This puts Roomba in safe mode, ready to be controlled. The playNote() method plays a single note of a given duration. It does this by sending first a SONG command with a one-note song defined and then a PLAY command to play that song. This is the first, albeit simple, example of the RoombaComm API building higher-level functions out of the basic ROI building blocks.
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