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the case of more higher priority load), it is not suitable for use in IEEE 802.16 since it does not take priority of services into account. DFPQ performs well under heavy lower priority loads as does also WFPQ. If the SS is allowed (in the GPC mode) to reallocate the spare slots allocated to its connections, then the network performance can improve. In such a case, it even compares favorably with GPSS in many cases. It is evident through the simulation results that lower priority traf c does not affect QoS guarantees of high priority real-time traf c, that is, fairness is maintained among ows at an SS and across different SS nodes. Future work on this can include the design of suitable admission control mechanisms, dynamic allocation of variable bandwidth for DL and UL transmissions, and integrated studies with higher level network protocols.
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Essential Windows CE Application Programming by Robert Burdick Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471327476 Pub Date: 03/01/99
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Professionals in OHP may develop a speci c focus in this broad spectrum. For example, Theorell and Karasek (1996), Karasek (1979), Gardell (1987), and Sauter, Hurrell, and Cooper (1989) emphasize the concept of worker control, selfdetermination, or job decision latitude as an important work environment design parameter that impacts employee strain (distress) and health. Beyond the concept of control, Landy, Quick, and Kasl (1994) address uncertainty and con ict as other key concepts in the design of healthy work environments. At the organizational systems level, the climate and the culture of the organization is an important OHP concept (Rosen, 1986). For example, Chaparral Steel Company and Southwest Airlines exhibit healthy organizational climates and work cultures that place people at the center, treating them as human resource assets rather than labor cost liabilities. In the case of Chaparral Steel, four pieces of evidence support this conclusion: (a) more than 90% of the workforce s participation in corporate sponsored continuing education; (b) over 65% of the workforce s stock ownership in the company; (c) an employee turnover rate of less than 2% per quarter; and (d) an extraordinary labor productivity of 1.38 man hours per ton or 1,100 tons of steel per man year. While highly productive, Chaparral Steel cares equally for its people through a safe, secure working environment. Chaparral Steel is ranked second in workers compensation experience ratings (0.36 compared to an industry average of 0.91) by the United States National Council on Compensation Insurance. Chaparral s lost time frequency for the 20-year period of 1975 to 1995 is also signi cantly better (range 1 to 4) than the steel industry average (range 6 to 15). Gordon Forward has been an advocate for a new industrial revolution from manufacturing (made by hand) to mentofacturing (made by the mind), based on a paradigm shift to a work environment that emphasizes learning, human development, risk-taking, and technology transfer (Forward, Beach, Gray, & Quick, 1991). The values at the center of Chaparral s work culture are (a) trust and responsibility, (b) risk and curiosity, (c) knowledge and expertise, (d) networking and information exchange, and (e) humor and humility. These values emphasize human strength, capability, and competence. Chaparral Steel managers like to say that they manage by adultery because they treat employees like adults and expect them to act and behave responsibly. The German industrial engineer Luczek (1992) has advocated anthropocentric, good work design, for well over a decade. Anthropocentric work design places the individual at the center of the work design process. In addition to the product sector of the economy, organizations in the service sector of the economy espouse similar values in their organizational cultures. Southwest Airlines is an example of a service organization with a healthy work culture,
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FIGURE 6-1: Location of Roomba sensors
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1 log p(y n ) H (Y ) < , n 1 log p(x n , y n ) H (X, Y ) < n where p(x n , y n ) =
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Right quotient of polynomial matrices: Let P(x) Po + PIX + '" + Prx r (m x n), Pr f:. 0, and Q(x) Qo + QIX + ... + Q$x$ (h x 71) regular, with s :::; r. An (m x h) polynomial matrix T(x) is a right quotient of P(x) and Q(x) if an (m x n) polynomial matrix R(x) with degree less than s exists such that P(x) = T(x)Q(x) + R(x). (See Section 11.3.)
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