After entering a line of code into the Script pane, examine the color Flash assigns to each word. For example, if you enter gotoandplay, the syntax is in error and Flash highlights the words with black. When you change the code to gotoAndPlay, the highlight changes to blue, indicating Flash recognizes it as an action. Syntax coloring helps you construct correct code when working in expert mode, but you still have to be concerned with the parameters.
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You can find a 30-day version of GIF Movie Gear 2.63 on the CD-ROM in the back of this book.
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Ethnic Minorities
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Often, it s critical that you choose the appropriate event for your event-handler procedure and that you understand the order in which the events occur. Using the Show method invokes the Initialize and Activate events (in that order). Using the Load command invokes only the Initialize event. Using the Unload command triggers the QueryClose and Terminate events (in that order). Using the Hide method doesn t trigger either of these events. The companion CD-ROM contains a workbook that monitors all of these events, and displays a message box when an event occurs. If you re confused about UserForm events, studying the code in this example should clear things up.
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Reagents and Materials Sterile PC12 cells, 1 T175 (175 cm2 ) ask, 50% con uent Culture asks, T175, 8 Growth medium (See Table 14.1) Protocol (a) For each T175 ask you are about to passage, prepare 8 new T175 asks, containing 20 ml growth medium. The medium must be prewarmed and equilibrated with the air-CO2 mix in your incubator. Cap the asks and place them in the back of the hood in an upright position. (b) Remove the culture to be passaged from the incubator and observe under the inverted microscope (<10 phase-contrast objective), to ascertain the status of your culture, especially the cell density, which should not exceed >50% con uence. (c) Place the ask containing the cells upright in the hood, carefully aspirate as much of the growth medium as possible, and close the cap. (d) Mechanically dislodge the cells by rmly tapping the side of the culture ask 5 10 times with the at palm of your hand (caveat: too little force will fail to dislodge all the cells, too much force will crack the ask). (e) Verify under the inverted microscope that all the cells have been dislodged, if not repeat Step (d). (f ) Open the ask, quickly wash the growth surface with 2 10 ml growth medium, and cap the ask. (g) Place the ask upright and let it stand for 2 min so that all the cells can accumulate in the growth medium at the bottom of the ask. (h) Gently swirl the suspension, open the cap, and, keeping the ask in an upright position, use a sterile disposable 1-ml pipette to remove 1 ml cell suspension for subsequent counting of the cells in a hemocytometer or an electronic cell counter. Place the cell suspension into a sterile Eppendorf microcentrifuge tube. For determining cell numbers follow the conventional procedures. (i) Using a 10-ml disposable pipette, carefully mix the remaining cell suspension (by gently pipetting the solution 3 up and down while avoiding air bubbles) to ensure even distribution of the cells. (j) Aspirate 2 8-ml cell suspension. Between the rst and the second aspiration repeat Step (i). (k) Uncap 4 of the asks prepared in step (a) and quickly dispense 2 ml cell suspension into each of them. (l) Cap each ask and place it horizontally to allow even distribution of the cells.
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Syntax errors are listed in Output window.
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where n1 (j n ) is the number of occurrences of 1 in the sequence j n . The corresponding wealth at the end of n periods is
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Table 14.1 Correlations of Self-Report PD Symptoms and NEO-PI-R Scores with Continuous Scores from Two PD Instruments Criterion PDI-IV Score Disorder Paranoid Schizoid Schizotypal Antisocial Borderline Histrionic Narcissistic Avoidant Dependent Obsessive-compulsive Median PDQ-4+ .34** .19** .23** .47** .39** .29** .31** .43** .35** .32** .33 rpa .29** .16** .16** .20** .34** .14* .24** .50** .36** .16** .22 Scale .25** .25** .18** .23** .32** .08 .23** .54** .29** .01 .24 PDQ-4+ Score rpa .41** .20** .37** .44** .59** .44** .37** .50** .39** .23** .40 Scale .49** .40** .42** .49** .61** .37** .40** .55** .34** .11** .41
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