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Exploring the Constants book
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Alternative A Net Present Value Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Total present value Less: Initial cost Net present value Annual Cash Flow $ 3,000 3,000 3,000 10,000 Discount Factor 10% 0.9091 0.8264 0.7513 0.6830 Present Value $ 2,727 2,479 2,254 6,830 $14,290 ( 10,000) $ 4,290 Annual Cash Flow $7,000 4,000 3,000 3,000
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Nitrate (NO3)
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FIGURE 13-7: Typical setup when programming a Basic Stamp with a Board of Education
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Data Content A data value (or set of data values) stored in a database. Data Model (DM) A representation of the structure of data. Data Modeling Language (ML) See Modeling Language. Data Read Service (Drd-S) A DBE service that provides the ability to retrieve data from the database. Data Schema See Data Model. Data Write Service (Dwr-S) A DBE service that provides the ability to write data to the database. Database (DB) A collection of data organized according to one or more data models. Database Client (DB-Client) An agent interfacing to a database either interactively or as an application. Database Environment (DBE) A collection of one or more DBs along with any software providing at least the minimum set of required data operations and management facilities. Database Management System (DBMS) A collection of software services or components that control access to, and modi cation of, data in a database. Database Server (DB-Server) A collection of software services (or a particular deployed instance of those services) that handles the interface to the database for database clients. Deadlock Handling Service (Dead-S) The service that handles deadlocks in a DBE. Distributed Database (DDB) A collection of software that allows several databases to operate as though they were part of a single database, even though they are actually separate and possibly deployed at different sites. Execution Optimization Service (Eopt-S) A DBE service that optimizes execution of the user s create, update, and delete commands. Execution Service (Exec-S) A DBE service that provides the ability to create, update, and delete data. Fallback and Recovery Service (Rec-S) A DBE service that guarantees availability of the database even when failures happen. Locking Service (Lock-S) A service that provides for data component locking capability. Metadata A piece or set of information about data. Modeling Language (ML) A vocabulary and set of rules used to de ne a model. Typically, there are also hints or suggestions for diagrammatic representations of the model, but this is not strictly speaking a requirement. For example, consider the Entity Relationship Modeling technique described by Dr. Chen, the Relational Model as formalized by Dr. Codd and the ANSI standard, or each proprietary Structured Query Language (SQL) de ned by a particular RDBMS implementation. Persistent Data Data that is stored to secondary storage (hard drive). Query A formulation of a user s request to retrieve data, typically involving some criteria that control the ltering or formatting of the data that is returned. Query Optimization Service (Qopt-S) A DBE service that optimizes the plan used to execute queries.
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Real Students, Real Questions
Excel provides you with a number of ways to perform common file operations: Use traditional VBA statements and functions. This method works for all versions of Excel. Use the FileSearch object, which is easier to use, and offers some distinct advantages. This method works for Excel 97 and later. Use the FileSystemObject, which makes use of the Microsoft Scripting Library. This method works for Excel 2000 and later. In the sections that follow, I discuss these three methods and present examples.
How We Behave
Phase 1: Setup. The setup server randomly generates a set F of bivariate tdegree polynomials over the nite eld Fq . To identify different polynomials, the setup server may assign each polynomial a unique ID. For each sensor node i, the setup server picks a subset of polynomials F i # F , and assigns the shares of these polynomials to node i. The main issue in this phase is the subset assignment problem, which speci es how to pick a subset of polynomials from F for each sensor node. Phase 2: Direct Key Establishment. A sensor node starts phase 2 if it needs to establish a pairwise key with another node. If both sensor nodes have shares on the same bivariate polynomial, they can establish the pairwise key directly using the polynomial-based key predistribution. The main issue in this phase is the polynomial share discovery problem, which speci es how to nd a common bivariate polynomial, of which both nodes have polynomial shares. For convenience, we say two sensor nodes have a secure link if they can establish a pairwise key through direct key establishment. A pairwise key established in this phase is called a direct key. Phase 3: Path-Key Establishment. If direct key establishment fails, two sensor nodes need to start phase 3 to establish a pairwise key with the help of other sensor nodes. To establish a pairwise key with node j, a sensor node i needs to nd a sequence of nodes between itself and node j such that any two adjacent nodes in this sequence can establish a direct key. For the sake of presentation, we call such a sequence of nodes a key path (or simply a path), since the purpose of such a path is to establish a pairwise key. Then either node i or j initiates a key establishment request with the other node through the intermediate nodes along the path. A pairwise key established in this phase is called an indirect key. A subtle issue is that two adjacent nodes in the path may not be able to communicate with each other directly. This framework assumes that they can always discover a route between themselves so that the messages from one node can reach the other. The main issue in this phase is the path discovery problem, which speci es how to nd a path between two sensor nodes.
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