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= 2 n(h(X) ) Vol A(n) , establishing property 3. Thus for n suf ciently large, we have (1 )2n(h(X) ) Vol(A(n) ) 2n(h(X)+ ) .
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Current Assets Cash Credit card receivables Accounts receivable Marketable securities Inventories Prepaid expenses $29,400 11,208 6,882 2,000 14,700 14,900 $79,090 CL
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To insert frames in the Timeline, do one of the following:
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Account Titles Insurance expense Prepaid insurance
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age. In fact, central to DET is the belief that emotions give meaning to individual life and relationships (Dougherty et al., 1996). In previous theories of emotions, the emotional lives of older people have been described as flat, blunted, and impoverished (p. 28). A theory that expresses a more positive view of emotions and aging and links emotions to relationships is Carstensen s (1993) socioemotional selectivity theory, or SST. Emotions and Social Relationships According to Carstensen s (1993) theory, as individuals age, interaction is motivated by the regulation of emotion more than either the acquisition of information or the fulfillment of affiliation needs. Accordingly, with time, relationships are more likely to serve an emotional function rather than an informational or affiliative function, such that adults and older adults generally become more selective in their choice of social contacts. Research examining SST has supported propositions of the theory. For example, Lansford, Sherman, and Antonucci (1998) discovered that although older adults had a smaller number of social contacts, the satisfaction with that social network increased. With age, periods of highly positive emotional experience are more likely to endure, whereas highly negative emotional experiences are less stable (Carstensen et al., 2000). Thus, SST combines emotions, goals, and motivation to explain age-related changes in social behavior. Earlier theories that attempted to explain changes in social relationships, such as disengagement theory (Cumming & Henry, 1961) and activity theory (Havighurst, Neugarten, & Tobin, 1968), took a decidedly negative approach to aging. Disengagement theory posits that reduction in social contact with age is mutual and adaptive, such that society withdraws from the individual and the individual from society in a symbolic preparation for death. Activity theory is not nearly as dire, predicting that older adults desire social contact, but social and physical barriers to interaction result in declining rates of interaction. Neither of these theories satisfactorily explains social relationships in older adults. Even Baltes s (1987) theory of selective optimization with compensation, the model of successful aging discussed earlier, describes how goals are adjusted in reaction to age-related losses (Fung et al., 2005). In contrast, Carstensen s (1993) theory represents a proactive approach to understanding changes in motivation in older adulthood (Fung et al., 2005). Unlike most developmental life span theories, Carstensen developed her theory in an effort to explain the social relationships of the
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1. What is the meaning of cash management or cash planning 2. What two main purposes are served by preparing a cash budget 3. Why is net income shown on an income statement not necessarily the same as cash 4. List two items that could appear on a cash budget under the receipts section. 5. List three items that could appear on a cash budget under the disbursements section. 6. List three items that could appear in the financing section of a cash budget. 7. Define the term bank float and explain how it can be used. 8. Explain concentration banking and give the equation for funds transfer frequency when concentration banking is used.
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Appendix A
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By default, every scheduled recording takes the same priority namely, zero (0). You can then set a numerical value higher or lower than zero to increase/decrease the priority of a show. You might want to make your can t miss shows twos (2), other shows you like ones (1), and any other shows you would prefer to have for fun minus ones (-1). You can select the weighting in a few different ways: A priority field in the Scheduling Options section of the options page will show you all recordings with their associated priority values. You can set a priority for a specific show or per recording type. With the latter, you can give the highest priority to Single Record, for example, so that all your one-time recordings will get preference. To set this option, select Setup TV Settings Recording Priorities General. Channel Priorities can be useful if you prefer to record a show or shows on certain channels. For example, on satellite TV there are often double feeds one for the west coast and another for the east coast and you may have a preference about which feed to use to avoid interrupting other recordings. The Channel Priorities are set in Setup TV Settings Recording Priorities Channel Priorities. The last way to prioritize is to set the priority for a capture card. This has two major applications: First, you can set your HDTV tuner with a higher priority than your standard analog tuner so shows that broadcast in high definition always take priority over their analog brethren. Second, if you have a mixed-source setup with two tuners, whereby one is cable and the other is satellite, both may have access to the same channels (for example, both get Cartoon Network). In that case, you might prefer to record from the satellite if possible because the signal is cleaner. These are set in mythtv-setup under the Input Connections section, where the relevant setting is called Input preference.
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void bitFile2covertFile(void); //############# http_ws_vary_encode ########## int http_ws_vary_encode(void) { int i; int read_cnt; int wsPerLine; //get from cmd line char ch, bit; char mask=1; unsigned __int32 bwritten=0; // bits written unsigned __int32 covert_siz; // chars to hide // We limit wsPerLine to 1 - 255 (8 bits) // Check range of wsPerLine... wsPerLine = vary; // in config.c if(wsPerLine < 1 || wsPerLine > 255) { printf( Error - ws per line out of range!\n ); printf( Range is 1 - 255\n ); printf( Set with -v <1-255>\n ); exit(0); } //if // Get size of covert file and rewind file... covert_siz = count_covert(); if(covert_siz > MAX_HTTP_COVERT) { printf( Error - Covert file too large!\n ); printf( Limit file to %d bytes.\n , MAX_HTTP_COVERT); exit(0); } //if // Populate bit file, put size in first... covertFile2BitFile(covert_siz); // Hide covert data until overt file is used // up... while(bwritten < (covert_siz*8+32)) { move2lineEnd(); // copy overt to overt2 for(i=0; i<wsPerLine; i++) { read_cnt = fread( &bit, sizeof(char), 1, bitStream ); if( read_cnt<1 && i==0 ) { // read_cnt can be zero if bitFile is // exhausted before wsPerLine is written printf( Error - Bit file too small.\n ); printf( bwritten:%d covert_siz:%d\n , bwritten, covert_siz); exit(0); } //if if(bit == 1 ) { ch = ONE; } else { ch = ZERO; } //if fwrite( &ch, sizeof(char), 1, overt2Stream );
nature and objectives of the services, (2) the intended recipients, (3) which of the individuals are clients, (4) the relationship the psychologist will have with each person and the organization, (5) the probable uses of services provided and information obtained, (6) who will have access to the information, and (7) limits of confidentiality. As soon as feasible, they provide information about the results and conclusions of such services to appropriate persons. (b) If psychologists will be precluded by law or by organizational roles from providing such information to particular individuals or groups, they so inform those individuals or groups at the outset of the service.
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