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storage, but considerable scatter between results at any one temperature. There is some evidence that consumer panels are often not very sensitive to quality changes. In a study on the quality of lamb stored at 5 C and 35 C, a consumer panel could not tell the difference between samples, although a trained taste panel could differentiate and scored the samples stored at 5 C as rancid (Winger 1984). Some researchers, such as Jul (1982), have questioned the wisdom of storage below 20 C
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Alternatively, you can access the Text property of the ChartTitle object:
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Daubenmier, J. J. (2005). The relationship of yoga, body awareness, and body responsiveness to self-objectification and disordered eating. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 29, 207 219. Davis, C. (1992). Body image, dieting behaviors, and personality factors: A study of high-performance female athletes. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 23, 179 192. Deaux, K. (1984). From individual differences to social categories: Analysis of a decade s research on gender. American Psychologist, 39, 105 116. Deaux, K., & Kite, M. (1993). Gender stereotypes. In F. L. Denmark & M. A. Paludi (Eds.), Psychology of women: A handbook of issues and theories (pp. 107 139). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. DePauw, K. P. (1997). The (in)visibility of disability: Cultural context and sporting bodies. Quest, 49, 416 430. Devine, P. G., & Baker, S. M. (1991). Measurement of racial stereotype subtyping. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 17(1), 44 50. Duda, J. L. (1986). A cross-cultural analysis of achievement motivation in sport and the classroom. In L. VanderVelden & J. Humphrey (Eds.), Current selected research in the psychology and sociology of sport (pp. 115 132). New York: AMS Press. Duda, J. L., & Allison, M. T. (1990). Cross-cultural analysis in exercise and sport psychology: A void in the field. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 12, 114 131. Eccles, J. S. (1985). Sex differences in achievement patterns. In T. Sonderegger (Ed.), Nebraska Symposium of Motivation: Vol. 32. Psychology and gender (pp. 97 132). Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. Eccles, J. S., Barber, B., Jozefowicz, D., Malenchuk, O., & Vida, M. (1999). Self-evaluation of competence, task values and self-esteem. In N. G. Johnson, M. C. Roberts, & J. Worell (Eds.), Beyond appearance: A new look at adolescent girls (pp. 53 84). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Eccles, J. S., & Harold, R. D. (1991). Gender differences in sport involvement: Applying the Eccles expectancy-value model. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 3, 7 35. Erkut, S., Fields, J. P., Sing, R., & Marx, F. (1996). Diversity in girls experiences: Feeling good about who you are. In B. J. Ross Leadbeater & N. Way (Eds.), Urban girls: Resisting stereotypes, creating identities (pp. 53 64). New York: New York University Press. Fasting, K., & Brackenridge, C. (2001, June). Sexual harassment and abuse in sport: Challenges for sport psychology in the new millennium. Symposium presented at the International Society of Sport Psychology 10th World Congress of Sport Psychology, Skiathos, Greece.
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Create a BIOS password: The rst line of defense is to create a password for your laptop s BIOS. That way, if a thief nabs your laptop, he or she won t be able to boot into Windows (at least not without great effort). For more information on BIOS passwords, refer to 16. Create a Windows password: The second line of defense is to create a password for your Windows account. That way, even if a thief cracks your BIOS password, he faces yet another obstacle. For more information on Windows passwords, refer to 16. Use strong passwords: By making your BIOS and Windows passwords complex, you make it nearly impossible for a thief to crack them. For more information on creating strong passwords, refer to 16.
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5.3 Basics of GNSS Positioning Parameters 145
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<MTEntries lastn= 1 > <MTDateHeader>
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Po + PI X + ... Section 11.3.)
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neighbors along its LMST link candidates, to verify the status at other nodes. The variant with the union of edge candidates rather than their common intersection is also considered in ref. [14], possibly leading to a directed graph (no message exchange is then needed even with one-hop neighbor information). Figure 10.4 shows an example of an LMST graph. In ref. [18], Li et al. showed that LMST is a planar graph (no two edges intersect). Then they extended LMST to k-hop neighbors, that is, the same construction but with each node having more local knowledge. They also proved that MST is a subset of 2-hop based LMST, but MST is not a subset of the one-hop based LMST considered in this article. We observed, however, on their diagrams that LMST with 2-hop and higher local knowledge was mostly identical to the one constructed with only one-hop knowledge, and recommend that only that limited knowledge be used, thereby reducing the communication overhead needed to maintain k-hop knowledge. MST and LMST are illustrated in Figure 10.5. Theorem 10.1 MST is a subset of LMST [30].
p-nitrophenol can be measured colorimetrically by the addition of an alkaline solution. The quantity of p-nitrophenol liberated from the substrate can be determined by comparison to a curve generated from known concentrations of p-nitrophenol standards. A 5- to 10-fold increase in the speci c activity of the enzyme is typical for OS cultures (compared with control cultures). The substrate used in the cytochemical assay is naphthol AS-MX phosphate. Again, the phosphate group is removed, and the resulting naphthol AS-MX combines with fast violet or fast blue salts to produce violet or blue color at cellular sites of alkaline phosphatase activity. Dark to medium red stain develops in OS cultures stained with fast violet. Most of the stain can be seen in the multilayered areas. Control cultures stain much less intensely (Fig. 2.4).
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