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Reformulating equation (9.23) in matrix notation: 1 Bn n JD2 J XX T 2 1 Jn n In n eT e n e1 n 1, 1, 1, . . . , 1 (9:24a) (9:24b) (9:24c)
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Note that the rent, utilities, other operating costs, and interest are paid in cash each month as the expense is incurred. The insurance expense is paid in January each year in advance for the whole year ($3,600). The restaurant financed its equipment and makes monthly payments on the balance owing (principal amount) of $1,000. In December, the restaurant plans to sell off some old equipment and estimates it will receive $1,500 from the sale. At the same time, it must spend $5,400 on new equipment. If there is sufficient cash on hand, the owner plans to pay a bonus to the staff. This bonus will amount to $3,600 and will be paid in December. Prepare the restaurant s cash budget for each of the three months: October, November, and December. The beginning cash balance October 1 is $2,410. P11.4 You own a new restaurant that is due to open on June 1. The restaurant expects to take in $1,500 a day in sales revenue and is open seven days
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KeepDynamic.com/barcode Comments on TDMA Ef ciency. Multichannel FDMA can operate with a base station power ampli er for every channel, or with a common wideband ampli er for all channels. With the latter, we are setting up a typical generator of intermodulation (IM) products as these carriers mix in a comparatively nonlinear common power ampli er. To reduce the level of IM products, just like in satellite communications discussed in 9, backoff of the power ampli er is required. This backoff can be in the order of 3 6 dB. With TDMA (downlink), only one carrier is present on the power ampli er, thus removing most of the causes of IM noise generation. Thus with TDMA, the power ampli er can be operated to full saturation, a distinct advantage. FDMA required some guardband between frequency segments; there are no guardbands with TDMA. However, as we saw previously, a guard time between uplink time slots is required to accommodate the following situations:
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Hello, Brad Choate!
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FIGURE 11-6: Change the name the application displays in the menu bar.
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Part III Digital Threats
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digital signatures If not, what are the costs to provide them with the needed hardware
To navigate through the code hint, use the Up and Down Arrow keys. To select an item in the menu, press Return or Tab, or double-click the item. To dismiss the code hint, do one of the following: Choose one of the menu items. Click outside the statement. Type a closing parenthesis [)] if you ve already typed an open parenthesis. Press Escape.
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