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Recommender. Such matching is performed using the Mobile Context Ontologies and Service Ontologies to classify the services rst and to retrieve them later. This process is described in more detail in the following subsection. Only services that are available are matched during the discovery process; when a service is no longer available, its advertisement is removed from the SBD and it will not be found by the ME. Control Flow within the BMSD Upon receiving a request of service from the Dispatcher, the service discovery process starts. The Dispatcher calls the MSB Client and provides user identi er information. The client uses this information to create an XML compliant le and then registers a subscription of the user with the MSB. At this point the MSB generates a new thread dedicated to the subscribing user and returns a subscription identi er to the Dispatcher. The thread starts a cycle that periodically (e.g. each minute) interrogates the Recommender for services that may be useful to the user. This query results in a list of categories of services that are likely to be useful to the user. Upon receiving the recommendation, if the list of categories is changed with respect to the one advertised in the previous cycle, the MSB transmits the list to the Matching Engine, which selects new services to propose to the user. If the user s context has not changed and the output of the Recommender remains the same, the cycle is restarted, avoiding the forwarding of redundant service lists. The Matching Engine monitors the list of available services in the SDB and it loads all the context and service ontologies that describe them. The context and service ontologies are used as background knowledge of the Matching Engine. Speci cally, they are loaded in a Description Logics classi er,2 which rst derives the relations between the concepts speci ed in the ontology. Such inference, technically named TBox classi cation, results in the nal taxonomy tree of all concepts. Once the concept inferences are completed, the descriptions of the services in the system are classi ed using the concepts in the ontology. During such classi cation, each service description is added as an instance of the service type to which it belongs. For example, a service that reports weather information may be classi ed as an Environment Context Provider. The process of identifying the type of services in the system is technically referenced as ABox classi cation. As a consequence of this process, the Matching Engine stores an up-to-date indexing of the available services, which reduces the service matching to little more than a table lookup. The matching process is performed whenever the Matching Engine receives a list of service categories from the Recommender. This list is ordered by importance: the most relevant category rst, followed by the less relevant categories depending on the user s current situation. For each category of the ordered list of categories above, the Matching Engine performs the following three operations: 1. Look for all the services that are indexed as instances of the requested service. 2. Look for all the services that are instances of a category that is more generic than the category requested. 3. Look for all the services that are instances of a category that is either more speci c, or intersects the category requested.
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Some of Apple s widgets have tricks and features that are ever-so-slightly hidden. Do you want to customize the picture that appears in the Tile Game widget Just grab an image and drag it, activate Dashboard, and drop the image onto the game window to make your custom puzzle.
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Listing 11-2 Continued
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Contents You Cannot Prove Crypto Is Secure
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This is equivalent to the following code, which uses the setProperty action:
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objective personality and psychological functioning instruments, there are many projective instruments. Most psychologists use a small number of preferred projective tests typically the Rorschach, the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Projective Drawings, and Incomplete Sentences.
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storativity (S), values for which are directly yielded by most eld test methods. William Smith (1769 1839) invented the geological map and was the principal pioneer of stratigraphy (Winchester 2001). For a fascinating account of Smith s water-related work, see Torrens (2004). The term karst refers to the assemblage of landscape features such as caves, dolines, dry streams, etc. found in areas underlain by soluble rocks (see Ford and Williams 1989).
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