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The Obligatory Hello, World Tag
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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use XML::Atom::Client; my $username = Ben Hammersley ; my $password = XXXXXXXX ; my $FeedURI = http://www.mediacooperative.com/mt-atom.cgi/weblog/ blog_id=3 ; my $api = XML::Atom::Client->new; $api->username($username); $api->password($password); my $feed = $api->getFeed($FeedURI);
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The 71 variables listed in Figure 7.25, minus the seven variables from Table 7.6 used to construct the principal components The two principal components constructed using the variables in Table 7.6 The clusters uncovered by the BIRCH two-step algorithm r Model collection B (PCA not included): models to be used for target prediction only
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Here s an example of using the macro recorder to learn about VBA. I started with a workbook that contained three worksheets. Then I turned on the macro recorder and specified my Personal Macro Workbook as the destination for the macro. With the macro recorder running, I dragged the third worksheet to the first sheet position. Here s what the macro recorder spat out:
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Introducing push options Marketing with push Introducing Channel Definition Format Subscribing to a channel
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