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Radio Relay and Satellite Communications
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In this section, we propose a method based on knowledge of the frequency domain channel correlation matrix, which can be used directly in order to obtain the average BER performance of coded multicarrier systems. The advantage of this method is that it allows for simple and direct evaluation of the average BER, without the need to evaluate the BER of many different channel realizations as in method I; cf., Eq. (11.22). For simplicity, we refer to this method as method II. For this method we will explicitly assume that the elements of h are Rayleigh distributed and have known correlation matrix Shh (in practice, Shh can be obtained from actual channel measurements or can be numerically estimated by measuring the correlation over many realizations of a given channel model; cf. Section 11.3.4). As noted in Section 11.3, the UWB channel models for MB-OFDM communication satisfy this assumption. Average PEP. Noting that only the ri; nonzero terms of (x zi, ) in Eq. (11.17) contribute to the PEP (and suppressing the dependence of r on i and for notational clarity), we let xu, z0i; , Hu = diag(hu), and nu represent the transmitted symbols, received symbols, channel gains, and AWGN noises corresponding to the r nonzero entries of (x zi, ), respectively, and form Shuhu by extracting the elements from Shh, which correspond to hu. Letting D diag x0 z0i; be the diagonal matrix of nonzero entries and g H0 x0 z0i; Dh0 we have E g 0r 1 E ggH Rgg DRh0 h0 DH 11:24 11:25
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 The intercept and the slope of the RF ESD design plot can be utilized for evaluation of acceptable loading capacitance and scaling implications.
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2.3.2 Fragmentation Transparency
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The first instruction declares a new object variable SummaryChart to be of type EmbChartClass which, as you recall, is the name of the class module. When the user clicks the Enable Chart Events button, the embedded chart is assigned to the SummaryChart object, which, in effect, enables the events for the chart. Listing 18-4 shows the class module for EmbChartClass. Clicking the chart generates a MouseDown event, which executes the myChartClass_MouseDown procedure. This procedure uses the GetChartElement method to determine what element of the chart was clicked. The GetChartElement method returns information about the chart element at specified X and Y coordinates (information that is available via the arguments for the myChartClass_MouseDown procedure.
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dentist, car dealer, or grocery store owner in town. A former patient may take a class with a professor who was also his or her therapist because he teaches the only section of a required course. These situations must be handled carefully by the psychologist to minimize any potential harm to others. Psychologists cannot always avoid a dual relationship but they can always be sensitive and thoughtful regarding this issue and proceed with caution in order to minimize any potential harm to those they serve.
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