Training Curriculum and Emphasis
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assume that sport attracts lesbians (of course, not gay men), but there is no inherent relationship between sexual orientation and sport (no gay gene will turn an individual into a softball player or figure skater). No doubt, homophobia has kept more heterosexual women than lesbians out of sports, and homophobia restricts the behavior of all women in sport. Moreover, as Messner (1992) suggests, homophobia probably restricts men in sport even more than it restricts women. Men who deviate from the heterosexual norm in the homophobic athletic culture often face ridicule, harassment, or physical violence. Few men, especially adolescents who are concerned about fitting in, step outside the boundaries. Pat Griffin (1998) has written extensively on homophobia in sport, focusing on connections among sexism, heterosexism, and sport, and Broad (2001) argued that women s sport participation may be interpreted as queer resistance and a gendered unapologetic. Vikki Krane (2001; Krane & Barber, 2003) is the most active sport psychology scholar addressing issues of sexuality and heterosexism. Krane and colleagues draw connections among gender, sexism, and heterosexism and have applied social identity as a theoretical framework for their work (e.g., Krane & Barber, 2003). Barber and Krane (2005) have taken the feminist and cultural studies approach of moving to action and advocacy and offer suggestions for considering gender and sexuality in sport psychology practice. Sexual Prejudice in Sport and Physical Activity Most sport psychology scholarship on sexism and heterosexism focuses on women in competitive athletics, with few scholars examining sexual prejudice in wider physical activity settings. Discrimination and prejudice on the basis of sexual orientation is often described as homophobia, but Herek (2000), a leading psychology scholar on lesbian /gay/ bisexual (LGB) issues, prefers sexual prejudice. As Herek notes, sexual prejudice is an attitude (evaluation), directed at a social group, involving hostility or dislike. Considerable psychological research confirms persistent sexual prejudice and hostile climates faced by LGB individuals in our society (e.g., Herek, 2000; Rivers & D Augelli, 2001). Although scholarly research in sport and physical activity settings is limited, national reports from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute (Rankin, 2003) and Human Rights Watch (2001), as well as observations and anecdotal evidence, suggest that organized sport is a particularly hostile environment for LGB youth, and fitness clubs, sports medicine facilities, and recreational physical activity programs do not welcome gay men and lesbians.
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BASEBAND SPECIFICATION General Characteristics
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Invisible Watermarking
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Importance of the Night Audit
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Cryptography Explained
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Global .13 Champion Performance
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SOAP header is inserted to control any caches that may reside in any intermediaries along the message return path to the originating sender. The CacheControl Header data are consumed by the caching intermediary. This message header must be processed at this SOAP node as determined by the semantics of the mustUnderstand and role attributes (more details later on these semantics). The application semantics of caching determines the behavior at the intermediary. In this case the salient data in the message payload are copied to the cache with the indicated index and expiration time. The CacheControl Header is stripped by the intermediary (see gure C) and the message follows its path back to the SOAP sending application. SOAP 1.1 Structure and Processing Model SOAP version 1.1 primarily de nes a message structure, a processing model, an encoding scheme for message data, an HTTP binding, and a RPC programming model mapping. Arguably, the buzz about Web services is due mostly to this speci cation. SOAP is similar to XML-RPC, which is to be expected given their shared origin. Many of the features are the same comparable encoding rules, an RPC convention, and HTTP binding orientation. What is different is that SOAP allows custom data types, direct support for application intermediaries, an extensibility mechanism, and a de ned processing model for these last two features. The cost to SOAP, relative to XML-RPC, is simplicity. It seems that the value of this tradeoff is borne out by SOAP s popularity. The SOAP message structure and processing model are tightly coupled. Hence, it is illustrative to discuss these topics together. Figure 14.9 demonstrates the general structure of a SOAP 1.1 message. A SOAP message is an XML document. The outermost container is the envelope element thus the envelope is essentially the SOAP message The envelope is where global namespaces are set. The envelope tag itself must be scoped to a namespace. The envelope namespace declares the version of the SOAP message. For SOAP version 1.1, the namespace URI to use is http://schemas.xmlsoap.
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Part I The Nuts and Bolts of PCs
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