2. Still working on the remote machine, open Preferences, choose Sharing, and select the Services tab. 3. Make sure the check box for Remote Login is turned on (Figure 8-8).
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Justice as a Personal and Social Construction
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Hacking Dynamic Templates
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The most likely candidate for the ABAB design is a problem behavior that is under the control of environmental contingencies (i.e., operant or instrumental behavior). The design is rarely possible with many types of emotional problems (i.e., respondent behavior). The advantage of the next design is that it is suitable for experimental evaluations of treatments for either operant or respondent behaviors.
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Hydrocarbon-based fuels have very high energy densities compared to batteries. For example, methanol has an energy density of 17.6 kJ/cm3, which is about six times that of a lithium battery. Therefore, fuel cells are potentially very attractive for wireless sensor nodes. Like batteries, fuel cells produce electrical power from a chemical reaction. A standard fuel cell uses hydrogen atoms as fuel. A catalyst promotes the separation of the electron in the hydrogen atom from the proton. The proton diffuses through an electrolyte (often a solid membrane), while the electron is available for use by an external circuit. The protons and electrons recombine with oxygen atoms on the other side (the oxidant side) of the electrolyte to produce water molecules. This process is illustrated in Figure 3.2. While pure hydrogen can be used as a fuel, other hydrocarbon fuels are often used. For example, in direct methanol fuel cells (DFMC) the anode catalyst draws the hydrogen atoms out from the methanol. Most single fuel cells tend to output open-circuit voltages around 1.0 1.5 V. Of course, like batteries, the cells can be placed in series for higher voltages. The voltage is quite stable over the operating lifetime of the cell, but it does fall off with increasing current draw. Figure 3.3 shows the voltage versus current load for a typical fuel cell. Notice that as the current density increases, the dominant loss mechanism also changes. Because the voltage drops with current, it is likely that some additional power electronics will be necessary if replacing a battery with a fuel cell. Large-scale fuel cells have been used as power supplies for decades. For example, the Apollo spacecraft used alkaline fuel cells for electricity. More recently,
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The Importance of the Cultural Subsystem
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Figure 15-14 shows a slightly more sophisticated version of this example. In this case, the user can choose which data will appear in the chart; this version also includes an option to export the chart as a GIF file.
Environmental Chemistry of Aerosols
the boss, in informed acquiescence cultures everyone defers to the rules. Rules try to present an objective and fair guide for all behavior. These cultures tend to create organizational hierarchies based on expertise and function, promoting the most quali ed to management roles where they manage by top-down decision making. Managers try to act consistently (and rationally) within the rules. The responsibility for monitoring fealty to the rules falls to a discrete organizational unit, often legal counsel or compliance of cers, charged with training and monitoring compliance. Informed acquiescence relies on a reward and punishment structure to motivate people, and people follow because they see compliance to be in their own best interest. This central self-interest factor places informed acquiescence cultures in the center of the behavioral spectrum between internal and external control. People acquiesce to what is asked of them because they are primarily motivated by personal success, and they see doing what has been asked as a high-value step toward that goal. Leaders and managers in these cultures use carrotsand-sticks methods to motivate desired behavior. Self-governing cultures nd their engine of behavior in values and principles. Values and principles are the source of inspiration, and when we are guided by them or acting on their behalf we believe in what we are doing and nd signi cance within the effort. On the spectrum from internal to external behavioral control, self-governance relies on the internal resources of the individual for much of its power. Authority accrues to individuals in accordance with their alignment with group core values,
N OT E There are different complexities or levels in which a grammar can be built. The higher the level of the grammar, the more it looks like the specified language and the greater the chance it will go undetected by scanning programs.
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