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9. Open that file in TextEdit and take a look. Control-click on the file and choose Open With. If TextEdit appears in the submenu that pops up, select it. If not, choose Other, pick TextEdit from the dialog that appears, and click Open. You ll see something that looks like Figure 6-3.
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Appendix A: Error Probability in the Transmission of Digital Signals
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Some versions of Windows have a built-in Web server program either called IIS (Internet Information Services) or Personal Web Server. Home users or small businesses that don t run a Web server should disable this feature to reduce attacks from digital threats.
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Cephalopod inking behavior
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individuals were willing to in ict a harmful electric shock on a learner (Milgram, 1963), as well as the prison experiment of Zimbardo and his colleagues (Haney, Banks, & Zimbardo, 1973), which demonstrated that individuals who had been thrust into the role relationships of guards and prisoners in a simulated prison behaved in ways that re ected these positions, with the guards behaving abusively and the prisoners becoming passive. It also may be seen in recent lines of inquiry on such topics as individuals limited conscious access to their cognitive processes, priming effects, and the mere exposure effect (Bargh, 1996; Bornstein, Kale, & Cornell, 1990; Zimbardo, Banks, Haney, & Jaffe, 1973). Social psychological work of this type has shown that contexts affect behavior in ways that do not depend on conscious mediation and that may even violate individuals conscious expectations and motivational inclinations. Supplementing this focus on the power of situations to affect behavior, it has also been documented that individual differences in uence the meaning accorded to situations. This attention to individual differences is evident not only in work on personality processes but also in the attention given to cognitive and motivational schemas as sources of individual variability in behavior. Individual difference dimensions, however, typically are accorded a secondary role to situational in uences within social psychological theory. They are believed to affect the display of certain basic psychological dimensions, but they are not often implicated in normative models of psychological phenomena. To give a representative example of such a stance, the theory of communal and exchange relationships has been forwarded to distinguish qualitatively between relationships that are based on need versus those based on exchange considerations (Mills & Clark, 1982). In this model, individual differences are invoked only in a descriptive sense (i.e., to distinguish between persons who are more or less likely to adopt each type of orientation) and not in a theoretical sense (that is, to identify distinctive approaches to relationships beyond those speci ed in the original conceptual model). The crucial point is that the approach to situations that dominates social psychological inquiry treats contexts as presenting one most veridical structure that can be known through inductive or deductive information processing. No consideration is given to the possibility that culture is necessarily implicated in the de nition of situations or that cultural presuppositions constitute prerequisites of what is considered objective knowledge. It is assumed that variability in judgment arises from differences in the information available to individuals or from differences in their informationprocessing abilities, resulting in certain judgments being more or less cognitively adequate or veridical than others
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Figure 16.9. Controller diagram.
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of expert performance in the arts, and sciences, sports, and games (pp. 81 106). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Stelmach, G. E. (1969). Efficiency of motor learning as a function of intertrial rest. Research Quarterly, 40, 198 202. Sternberg, R. J. (1996). Costs of expertise. In K. A. Ericsson (Ed.), The road to excellence: The acquisition of expert performance in the arts and sciences, sports, and games (pp. 347 354). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Stevenson, C. L. (1990). The athletic career: Some contingencies of sport specialization. Journal of Sport Behavior, 13, 103 113. Thompson, A. H., Barnsley, R. H., & Stebelsky, G. (1991). Born to play ball : The relative age effect and Major League Baseball. Sociology of Sport Journal, 8, 146 151. Thorndike, E. L. (1914). Educational psychology: Briefer course. New York: Columbia University Press. Trudel, P., & Brunelle, J. (1985). Les situations d apprentissage offertes aux joueurs inscrits dans des ligues de hockey mineur. L Association Canadienne pour la Sant , l Education Physique et le Loisir, 51, 18 25. Vallerand, R. J. (2001). A hierarchical model of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in sport and exercise. In G. C. Roberts ( Ed.), Advances in motivation in sport and exercise (pp. 263 319). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Van Rossum, J. H. (2000). Deliberate practice and Dutch field hockey: An addendum to Starkes. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 31, 452 460.
Install trusted, respected antivirus software and keep it updated constantly. Do not open e-mail attachments that have a le extension of .exe, .scr, .vbs, or double le extensions like .txt.vbs. Be wary of opening any e-mail attachments or instant-message attachments sent from people you don t know even if those attachments do not have a dangerous le extension. Do not open spam e-mail (selling products, offering free videos, pictures, or songs, and so on). Perform a virus scan on les before downloading or opening them. Perform a virus scan on e-mail attachments you think are safe to open. Do not install pirated software, because often it contains viruses. Do not download pirated music les or videos, because they too contain viruses. Do not click links sent to you in an instant message.
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