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Initial Intake or Admissions Interview
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only one half or one third of the treatment combinations. Ambiguity occurs because two or more names can be given to each sum of squares. For example, a sum of squares might be attributed to the effects of treatment A and the BCDE interaction. The two or more names given to the same sum of squares are called aliases. In a one-half fractional factorial design, all sums of squares have two aliases. In a one-third fractional factorial design, all sums of squares have three aliases, and so on. Treatments are customarily aliased with higher-order interactions that are assumed to equal zero. This helps to minimize but does not eliminate ambiguity in interpreting the outcome of an experiment. Fractional factorial designs are constructed from completely randomized, randomized block, and Latin square designs and denoted by, respectively, CRFF-pk 1, RBFF-pk 1, and LSFF-pk. Let s examine the designation CRFF-25 1. The letters CR indicate that the building block design is a completely randomized design; FF indicates that it is a fractional factorial design; and 25 indicates that each of the ve treatments has two levels. The 1 in 25 1 indicates that the design is a one-half fraction of a complete 25 factorial design. This follows because the designation for a one-half fraction of a 25 factorial design can be written as 1 25 = 2 1 25 = 25 1 . A 2 one-fourth fraction of a 25 factorial design is denoted by 1 CRFF- p5 2 because 1 25 = 22 25 = 2 2 25 = 25 2 . 4 To conserve space, I describe a small CRFF-23 1 design. A fractional factorial design with only three treatments is unrealistic, but the small size simpli es the presentation. The layout for the design is shown in Figure 1.15. On close inspection of Figure 1.15, it is apparent that the CRFF-23 1 design contains the four treatment combinations of a CRF-22 design. For example, if we ignore treatment C, the design in Figure 1.15 has the following combinations of treatments A and B: a1b1, a1b2, a2b1, and a2b2. The correspondence between the treatment combinations of the CRF-22 and CRFF23 1 designs suggests a way to compute sums of squares for the latter design ignore treatment C and analyze the data as if they came from a CRF-22 design. Earlier, I observed that all sums of squares in a one-half fractional factorial design have two aliases. It can be shown (see Kirk, 1995, pp. 667 670) that the alias pattern for the design in Figure 1.15 is as follows:
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Part III Hacks
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6.1.2 Mobile Groups: Advanced Social Relationships for the Next Generation of Mobile Users A Scenario for Advanced Group Communications In this section, a scenario describing the different types of interactions an individual can have in various groups is presented. This scenario is examined in the following sections.
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204 dBW/ Hz + NFdB + 10 log BWHz ,
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Figure 10-6
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8.4. Transcript Levels RNA Isolation and Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)
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