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the choice to invest in any activity, the amount of effort expended on a task, the level of persistence shown toward a challenge, and the cognitive and affective responses associated with the resulting behaviors emanate from the meaning that is attached to one s achievement striving. (p. 417)
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is built when a router receives a multicast datagram for the first time for a given multicast group. An MOSPF router does not automatically forward the first multicast datagram like DVMRP does. Since the synchronized link-state database contains group-membership LSAs, this allows a MOSPF router to perform broadcast the first datagram in its memory and the tree is built on demand. The routers already know where the active group memberships are and can build the tree without forwarding the first datagram and then waiting for Prune messages. When the first multicast datagram arrives (at any router), the source subnet (IP address of the source) is located in the link-state database. This is sometimes called the MOSPF link-state database, but the single database (link-state database) contains entries for both unicast and multicast. A source-rooted multicast tree is calculated using the router LSAs and the network LSAs using the Dykstra algorithm (same as unicast OSPF). Once the tree is built, it is pruned (to eliminate links that do not contain at least one member of a group) using the group-membership LSAs. The final result of the Dykstra algorithm is the pruned shortest-path tree that is rooted at the source (remember, OSPF calculates its shortest-path tree using itself as the root). This shortest-path tree is used to understand which ports should be used for the forwarding of multicast datagrams that are distant (i.e., no local-group membership, but there are members of the group downstream from this router), and which ports should receive which multicast datagram (source). Now we have two sources of information: the source-routed shortest-path tree and the local-group database. Both of these are used to determine the forwarding cache, which is the only place the router will look to determine forwarding of a multicast datagram.
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To call the method of a built-in object in the Actions panel in normal mode, use the evaluate action.
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is detected through duplicate ACKs (explained later), TCP reduces its congestion window by half. If the segment loss is detected through a time-out, the congestion window is reset to one segment s worth of bytes. In this case, TCP will operate in slow start phase and increase the congestion window exponentially until it reaches ssthresh, after which TCP will operate in congestion avoidance phase and increase the congestion window linearly. Congestion Control Because TCP employs a cumulative acknowledgment scheme, when the segments are received out of order, all their ACKs will carry the same acknowledgment number indicating the next expected segment in sequence. This phenomenon introduces duplicate ACKs at the TCP sender. An out-of-order delivery can result from either delayed or lost segments. If the segment is lost, eventually the sender times out and a retransmission is initiated. If the segment is simply delayed and finally received, the acknowledgment number in ensuing ACKs will reflect the receipt of all the segments received in sequence thus far. Since the connection tends to be underutilized waiting for the timer to expire, TCP employs a fast retransmit scheme to improve the performance. Heuristically, if TCP receives three or more duplicate ACKs, it assumes that the segment is lost and retransmits before the timer expires. Also, when inferring a loss through the receipt of duplicate ACKs, TCP cuts down its congestion window size by half. Hence, TCP s congestion control scheme is based on the linear increase multiplicative decrease paradigm (LIMD) [8]. On the other hand, if the segment loss is inferred through a time-out, the congestion window is reset all the way to one, as discussed before. In the next section, we will study the impact of wireless network characteristics on each of the above mechanisms.
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University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado
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not taken place). After a period of observation he found that the nests from which the eggshells had been removed were the most successful (and that the further the eggshells were taken from the nest the more successful was the strategy, see Fig. 1.2). Predators such as crows and other species of gull were far more likely to eat the eggs from the none-removal nests than from the removal nests. From this we could deduce that if a mutation in eggshell removal behavior were to occur in which parent birds did not remove, then selection (in the form of increased predator risk) would act against it. This is an excellent demonstration of the usefulness of the experimental method as a tool for the study of behavior. If removal does confer a selective advantage then surely parent birds should remove the eggshells as soon as the chicks hatch rather than waiting for a short period of time prior to removal
20 log 62.5 31.25 20 log 2 or 6 dB (approximately).
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