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Organization Chart for 50-room Motel.
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Key Sensory Points
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Personal factors that have been positively correlated with sport injury rehabilitation adherence include internal health locus of control (Murphy, Foreman, Simpson, Molloy, & Molloy, 1999), perceived injury severity (Taylor & May, 1996), pain tolerance (Byerly, Worrell, Gahimer, & Domholdt, 1994; Fields, Murphey, Horodyski, & Stopka, 1995; Fisher, Domm, & Wuest, 1988), self-motivation (Brewer, Daly, Van Raalte, Petitpas, & Sklar, 1999; Brewer, Van Raalte, et al., 2000; Duda, Smart, & Tappe, 1989; Fields et al., 1995; Fisher et al., 1988; Noyes, Matthews, Mooar, & Grood, 1983), task involvement (Duda et al., 1989), and tough-mindedness (Wittig & Schurr, 1994). Qualitative research has affirmed the positive association between self-motivation and rehabilitation adherence (Pizzari, McBurney, Taylor, & Feller, 2002). Ego involvement is a personal factor that has been negatively correlated with adherence to sport injury rehabilitation (Duda et al., 1989). Numerous situational factors have been found to correlate with adherence to sport injury rehabilitation programs. Positive associations have been documented between adherence and belief in the efficacy of the treatment (Brewer et al., 2003b; Duda et al., 1989; Noyes et al., 1983; Taylor & May, 1996), comfort of the clinical environment (Fields et al., 1995; Fisher et al., 1988), convenience of rehabilitation scheduling (Fields et al., 1995; Fisher et al., 1988), hours per week of involvement in sport (Johnston & Carroll, 2000), importance or value of rehabilitation to the athlete (Taylor & May, 1996), perceived exertion during rehabilitation activities (Fisher et al., 1988), perceived susceptibility to further complications without rehabilitation (Brewer et al., 2003b; Taylor & May, 1996), rehabilitation practitioner expectancy of patient adherence (Taylor & May, 1995), and social support for rehabilitation (Byerly et al., 1994; Duda et al., 1989; Fisher et al., 1988; Johnston & Carroll, 2000). Qualitative data obtained from individuals after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery have suggested that adequate time to do rehabilitation, rehabilitation practitioner support for rehabilitation, clinic comfort and convenience, and information about rehabilitation are positively related to rehabilitation adherence (Pizzari et al., 2002). In accord with the joint influence of personal and situational factors on psychological responses to sport injury posited in cognitive appraisal models, Brewer et al. (2003a) found that age moderated the relationships between several personal factors and indices of adherence to sport injury rehabilitation. Self-motivation and social support were unrelated to home exercise completion fol-
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Part V Advanced Programming Techniques
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Disable the Welcome Screen (Windows XP Home/Pro only)
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Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer do not currently support these uncommon usages.
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values given in the table are mean values.
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