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signi cantly more strongly among subjects with asthma compared to those without. However, participants with asthma had signi cantly more shortness of breath, minute ventilation, arousal, and depression during the medical photographs than during the mental arithmetic, as compared to participants without asthma. These results are similar to those of Rietveld and colleagues, suggesting that stressful tasks (especially tasks during which only passive coping was likely) increased asthma and emotional symptoms among adults with asthma. Although objective changes in pulmonary function (i.e., respiratory resistance) were observed, these changes were not speci c to, nor more pronounced among, participants with asthma. Finally, two additional studies were performed in the laboratory that used a personally relevant stressor paradigm to enhance ecological validity. In this paradigm, the patient with asthma and their intimate partner discussed two topics: a problem in their relationship and an asthma attack that occurred when the partner was present. Mood and pulmonary function (peak expiratory ow rate, PEFR) were recorded before, in the midst of, and after the discussions, which were videotaped and behaviorally coded. The rst study involved six individuals with severe asthma and their partners (Schmaling et al., 1996). PEFR improved for two patients and deteriorated for four patients over 30 minutes of interaction with an average magnitude of about one standard deviation. Across patients, more hostile and depressed moods were associated with decrements in PEFR. The second study involved 50 patients with mild-to-moderate asthma and their partners (Schmaling, Afari, Hops, Barnhart, & Buchwald, submitted). On average, pulmonary function (PEFR) decreased one-third of a standard deviation, and self-reported anxiety was related to decrements in pulmonary function. Variability in pulmonary function was associated with more aversive behavior, less problem-solving behavior, and less self-reported anxiety. Interactions with a signi cant other appeared to result in more change in pulmonary function among participants in the rst study with more severe asthma (average baseline FEV1 was 56% of predicted), than among participants in the second study with asthma of mild-tomoderate severity (average baseline PEFR was 78% of predicted), and could not be explained by differences in global relationship satisfaction between the two samples, which were comparable. Decrements in pulmonary function were associated with depression and hostility in the rst study, and anxiety in the second study. Participants in the two studies had similar average levels of observed behavior and selfreported depression and hostility, but among the sample with severe asthma, self-reported anxiety was nearly three times that of the sample with asthma of mild-to-moderate severity.
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Concerning Yourself with the End User
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Discretionary Income
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Appendix A: Error Probability in the Transmission of Digital Signals
7 Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
VBA modules are still stored with workbook files; they just aren t visible unless you activate the VBE.
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