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MythTV box, you should either look for a card you know is supported or be prepared to join the DVB mailing list, at The LinuxTV DVB wiki site, at, includes a lot of information about what cards are supported and how to set up DVB drivers, links on how to use DVB cards with a wide array of software packages (including MythTV), and more. For any card currently listed as supported in the LinuxTV DVB wiki, those drivers should be included in the latest 2.6 kernel. For some cards, however, you must make sure to acquire the appropriate firmware file(s) to put in /lib/firmware, or wherever your system s hotplug implementation looks for firmware files. For example, drivers for the pcHDTV HD-2000 and HD-3000 have been in the Linux kernel since release 2.6.12. Nevertheless, you must also download firmware files either from the DVB source code repository or from the pcHDTV Web site, where they reside at Although drivers should load automatically and set up necessary devices for your card, please note that there may be some issues you must combat nonetheless. Following are a few you may encounter. First up, on Fedora Core, at least in some initial implementations (this may be fixed by now, because author Jarod Wilson recently started work at Red Hat), the DVB devices created (in /dev/dvb/adapterX/) don t properly get their ownership changed to the logged in user as do other video devices. Therefore, you may need to either run mythtv-setup as root or perform a # chown -R user /dev/dvb operation, where user is the username under which you run mythfrontend, so you can actually access DVB devices to set them up properly. Another gotcha crops up when using hybrid DVB cards. Some DVB cards receive nothing but digital TV signals, while others (the hybrids) handle both digital and analog signals. Some of these hybrid cards trigger assorted modules to load in ways that do Bad Things, making it necessary to compensate with a bit of manual intervention. For example, some hybrid cards use the dvb-bt8xx driver for their digital sides, which also loads the bttv driver for their analog sides. If left to its own devices, sometimes a system will load up the bttv driver first, and allocate a dvb0 device as well, without also triggering a load of the dvb-bt8xx module. If your system includes another DVB card that uses a different driver and it is loaded before the dvb-bt8xx module, the card tries to occupy the DVB card #0 slot, to which the first bttv card has already partially laid claim. Then the dvb-bt8xx driver loads and thinks it must register as DVB card #1. To work around this problem, you must simply add a line to /etc/ modprobe.conf that informs your module initialization tools that whenever bttv tries to load, dvb-bt8xx must load first. That line (broken across two lines of text here to fit on the page) is as follows:
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To wipe an entire hard drive, you will need to purchase special drive-wiping software that will erase every trace of data from the drive.
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