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If ActiveWorkbook Is Nothing Then Exit Sub No active workbook SheetCount = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count Check for protected workbook structure If ActiveWorkbook.ProtectStructure Then MsgBox ActiveWorkbook.Name & is protected. , _ vbCritical, Cannot Sort Sheets. Exit Sub End If Disable Ctrl+Break Application.EnableCancelKey = xlDisabled Get the number of sheets SheetCount = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count Redimension the arrays ReDim SheetNames(1 To SheetCount) ReDim SheetHidden(1 To SheetCount) Store a reference to the active sheet Set OldActive = ActiveSheet Fill array with sheet names For i = 1 To SheetCount SheetNames(i) = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(i).Name Next i
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Figure 9-2 shows a Roomba with two markers attached to it in this fashion. Figure 9-3 shows an alternate attachment point. By removing the dirt bin, you get two vertical sides for attaching things. But without the bin, the Roomba is slightly unbalanced. This is usually an annoyance, because the Roomba will pop up on quick turns, but that can be used to lift the brush momentarily to create interesting drawing effects. If you don t want the popping behavior, either make all the turns the Roomba does be gradual and avoid drastic changes in directions or speed, or lay a weight on top of the Roomba. The Roomba is surprisingly strong it can move around with a ballast consisting of a full gallon of paint resting on its top.
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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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Applying a bitmap fill You can apply a bitmap as a fill to a graphic object using the Color Mixer. Applying a bitmap as a fill tiles the bitmap to fill the object. The Fill Transform tool allows you to scale, rotate, or skew an image and its bitmap fill. See Transforming gradient and bitmap fills on page 84.
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{line-height: 24pt} or {line-height: 2}
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evaluation. In contrast, other streams of contemporary evaluation theory and practice view stakeholder participation as bene cial, but as instrumental to other evaluation activities and to evaluation use rather than as an intrinsic and necessary good. In addition, while the empowerment and transformative literature emphasizes stakeholder process, the rest of the eld emphasizes evaluation ndings. A second potential challenge involves the role of evaluation relative to several related endeavors in service of organizational learning. Several evaluators have suggested that evaluation needs to merge with routine organizational learning and quality improvement methods (Fetterman, 2001; Torres & Preskill, 2001). The long-term challenge raised by this perspective involves whether the practice of evaluation will exist separately, or will instead be subsumed by tools of industrial engineering or quality improvement. As even advocates of integration of evaluation and organizational learning recognize (e.g., Torres & Preskill, 2001), it may be important that evaluation as a practice area is not simply subsumed within these other endeavors. Continuous quality improvement and organizational learning approaches may emphasize ongoing adjustments in organizational practices in order to try to achieve incremental improvements. Although this kind of work certainly has its place, the eld of evaluation, as generally practiced by psychologists, also holds in high regard the kind of causal methods that can be used to assess the overall merit and worth of programs and policies. The experience of DARE is illuminating. In the last two decades DARE has come to be widely used as a drug abuse prevention program in schools. A series of evaluations, mostly using quasi-experimental designs, have demonstrated that DARE was not effective and in some circumstances may actually back re. Attention to underlying mechanisms helped to explain the null and occasional negative effects: By emphasizing the prevalence of drug use, DARE inadvertently made drug use seem to be normative, as something that people generally do and accept. Based on the results of these cause-probing evaluations, major funding has been provided to carry out a complete reformulation of the DARE program. If the evaluation of DARE had focused on organizational learning and continuous quality improvement, the risk is that the evaluation results would have amounted to, as the expression goes, rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. In essence, these two challenges sorting out the proper role of stakeholder participation and de ning the role of other forms of evaluation relative to organizational learning and quality improvement point to the same long-term need. It is a need to develop usable frameworks to try to help evaluators, funders, and stakeholders make reasoned judgments about what kind of evaluation activities are appropriate at a
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Functional Fermented Meat Products
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orientation with long-term goals. Long-term goals key them into the market and create a great sensitivity to public dynamics, so these cultures are highly responsive to the needs of the marketplace and react quickly to changes and new demands. Carrotsand-sticks approaches motivate people internally, and the culture responds to regulatory and legal requirements in the same way, looking for ways to dance with the rules in order to gain the maximum amount of carrots. Informed acquiescence cultures are compliance cultures, with specialized compliance of cers attempting to regulate behavior through rewards and penalties. Thus, the pursuit of goals is always subject to external scrutiny and the limiting nature of rules-based approaches. Informed acquiescence cultures are on a journey of success. They reward achievement and measure that success by the nancial return of their endeavors. Self-governing cultures, in order to achieve the close values alignment required for real cohesion, necessarily think about the long-term. The culture must be driven and de ned by the legacy and endurance of the enterprise and its quest for signi cant goals. It must keep one foot always in the future to inspire common pursuit in its highly trusted individuals. This future
Interventions and Performance Enhancement
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