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Requests for transmission are based on these CIDs, since the allowable bandwidth may differ for different connections, even within the same service type. For example, an SS unit serving multiple tenants in an of ce building would make requests on behalf of all of them, though the contractual service limits and other connection parameters may be different for each of them. Many higher layer sessions may operate over the same wireless CID. For example, many users within a company may be communicating with TCP/IP to different destinations, but since they all operate within the same overall service parameters, all of their traf c is pooled for request/grant purposes. Since the original LAN source and destination addresses are encapsulated in the payload portion of the transmission, there is no problem in identifying different user sessions [1].
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stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, under the U.S. Department of Defense.
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1 HTML 4 Basics
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Ethical Standards
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