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function myClipClass(){} myClipClass.prototype = new MovieClip(); myClipClass.prototype.onLoad = function(){ trace("movie clip loaded"); } myClipClass.prototype.onPress = function(){ trace("pressed"); } myClipClass.prototype.onEnterFrame = function(){ trace("movie clip entered frame");<<Loc: removed // from this line--IMD>> } myClipClass.prototype.myfunction = function(){ trace("myfunction called"); } Object.registerClass("myclipID",myClipClass); _root.attachMovie("myclipID","ablue2",3);
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Make sure your provider is using a technology that can dig out a consumer s location even through proxies and services such as AOL. Quova is one of the services that can dig out the consumer location even for AOL users.
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Figure 3.18 Component interworking trusted context-aware services.
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FIGURE 6-6: There are now two copies of the track in our library.
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3.2. Assembly of Polymer Scaffold Three-dimensional scaffolds should ensure spatially uniform cell attachment as well as maintain cell phenotype, permit suf cient mass transfer of gases and vital nutrients, and degrade in synchrony with the formation of tissue components. We have chosen a PGA mesh that degrades by passive hydrolysis of ester linkages in the polymer backbone. This FDA-approved material has been shown to be a successful biocompatible and biodegradable polymer for use in tissue engineering. The PGA scaffolds are made as previously described [Freed et al., 1994] and are composed of 13- m diameter bers that enable cellular attachment and communication. The mesh is 1 mm thick, with a bulk density of 45 mg/ml and a void volume of 97%, ensuring minimal resistance to nutrient transfer. Before cell seeding, the PGA meshes are base-treated to cleave ester bonds on the surface of the mesh, creating
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Anchin, J. C., & Kiesler, D. J. (1982). Handbook of interpersonal psychotherapy. New York: Pergamon. Bandura, A. (1977). Social learning theory. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Bartholomew, K., & Horowitz, L. M. (1991). Attachment styles among young adults: A test of a four-category model. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, 226 244. Beebe, B., & Lachmann, F. M. (1988a) Mother-infant mutual in uence and precursors of psychic structure. In A. Goldberg (Ed.), Frontiers in self psychology: Vol. 3. Progress in self psychology (pp. 3 25). Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press. Beebe, B., & Lachmann, F. M. (1988b) The contribution of mother infant mutual in uence to the origins of self- and object representations. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 5, 305 337. Belsky, J. (1999). Modern evolutionary theory and patterns of attachment. In J. Cassidy & P. R. Shaver (Eds.), Handbook of attachment:Theory, research, and clinical applications (pp. 141 161). New York: Guilford. Benjamin, L. S. (1974). Structural analysis of social behavior. Psychological Review, 81, 392 425. Benjamin, L. S. (1984). Principles of prediction using Structural Analysis of Social Behavior. In A. Zucker, J. Aronoff, & J. Rubin (Eds.), Personality and the prediction of behavior (pp. 121 173). New York: Academic Press. Benjamin, L. S. (1986). Adding social and intrapsychic descriptors to Axis I of DSM-III. In T. Millon & G. Klerman (Eds.), Contemporary directions in psychopathology. Towards DSM-IV (pp. 599 638). New York: Guilford.
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The suffered harm and losses can be reappraised: Are the harm and the losses really that severe Is it, for instance, that violating to have been insulted by a person who has such a bad reputation In cases of objectively severe and even irrevocable losses the victims may look for compensating positive experiences; this was called search for meaning in experienced losses. For instance, the victims may have found their true friends through this event, or they may be proud of the way they have mastered their fate. Gains are counterbalancing the losses. Victims may think about their entitlements or the norms of justice violated by the offender and may qualify the validity of these norms. This point is addressed in more detail in this chapter s section about mediation in justice con icts. Victims may think about the offenders responsibility: Has the offender really acted malevolently, intentionally, recklessly, merely carelessly, or even with good intentions but clumsily Was he or she responsible alone or were others responsible too The victims can even attribute some responsibility to themselves in what has been called selfblame (Bulman & Wortman, 1977). The diffusion of responsibility (e.g., the poor education of the offender), especially the attribution of a bit of coresponsibility to oneself calms down resentment (Montada, 1992). Accident victims actively use reattributions of responsibility as a strategy to cope with their feelings of resentment and injustice (Montada, Schneider, & Seiler, 1999). A comprehensive review of research about the effects of selfresponsibility is provided by Dalbert (2001). Victims may think about possible justi cations of the offender, misconceptions, con icting obligations, own provoking behavior, and so on. Imagined justi cations calm down resentment and hostility (Bernhardt, 2000; Montada & Kirchhoff, 2000).
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generate, create data matrix ecc200 function none with .net projects Matrix automatically produces an RSS feed of your links at a URL matched to your username,, so it s an obvious move to use this feed to display your linklog in your main template. Doing that is easy. Tim Appnel s RSS Feed plugin, available at plugins/plugin/rss_feed.html will help. Install that, and then add this code to your main template and style as necessary with your CSS:
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<HTML> <HEAD> <STYLE TYPE= text/css > <!-P.intro {background:lime} --> </STYLE> </HEAD>
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Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, Edited by Ivan Stojmenovic Copyright 2002 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBNs: 0-471-41902-8 (Paper); 0-471-22456-1 (Electronic)
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