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We can now apply a fundamental theorem of game theory, which states that for a continuous function f (x, y), x X, y Y, if f (x, y) is convex in x and concave in y, and X, Y are compact convex sets, then min max f (x, y) = max min f (x, y).
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dence of elastic and inelastic domains of the bipolar laments. Journal of Cell Biology 99:A435 A435. Wheeler, T. L., J. D. Crouse, and M. Koohmaraie. 1992. The effect of postmortem time of injection and freezing on the effectiveness of calcium chloride for improving beef tenderness. Journal of Animal Science 70:3451 3457. Wickiewicz, T. L., R. R. Roy, P. L. Powell, and V. Edgerton. 1983. Muscle architecture of the lower limb. Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research 179:277. Xiong, Y. L., and E. A. Decker. 1995. Alterations of muscle protein functionality by oxidative and antioxidative processes. Journal of Muscle Foods 6:139 160. Zeece, M. G., R. M. Robson, M. L. Lusby, and F. C. Parrish. 1986. Effect of calcium activated protease (caf) on bovine myo brils under different conditions of ph and temperature. Journal of Food Science 51:797 803. Zhang, W. G., S. M. Lonergan, M. A. Gardner, and E. Huff-Lonergan. 2006. Contribution of postmortem changes of integrin, desmin and mu-calpain to variation in water holding capacity of pork. Meat Science 74:578 585.
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About WinHelp
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6.5 CENTRALIZED MAC PROTOCOLS In this section, we provide an overview of two of the most prevalent centralized wireless networks. Cellular telephony is the most predominant form of wireless system in current operation. Wireless ATM is generating a lot of interest for its ability to deliver broadband multimedia services across a wireless link. Each system will be briefly highlighted and the MAC protocol will be examined.
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