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Wiley & Sons Phone: (800) 225-5945 Fax: (908) 302-2300
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Figure 5-1 shows what the left Roomba drive motor unit looks like; the right unit is the same but mirror imaged. Immediately noticeable is the rather large cable bundle emanating from the motor unit. Only two wires of the cable bundle directly control the motor. These two wires plug into a high-current motor driver. The motor driver is controlled by the Roomba s microcontroller through a digital-to-analog (D/A) converter with approximately 10-bit resolution.
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A Developmental Framework for Normal Personality Polarity PleasurePain ActivePassive Survival Function Life enhancement / Life preservation Ecological modification / Ecological Accommodation Progeny nurturance/ Individual propagation Intellectivereasoning/ Affective resonance Neuropsychological Stage Sensory-attachment Sensorimotorautonomy Developmental Achievement Trust Self-confidence
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More recently, in the last 10 years, a lot of public attention has focused on cryptography. Several critical events elicited this attention, but two are particularly worth noting. The United States government launched a big effort in the 1990s to require the escrow of all encryption keys. This would essentially lead to a country where there was no way to protect secure information. Law enforcement would have to go through a legal process, but in the end these agencies could essentially read any messages they wanted to. This resulted in such a public uproar that the proposal was quickly put on the back burner, and the government stopped pursuing it. During this time there was heightened interest in steganography because people realized that the only way to keep information secure might be by keeping it hidden. My guess is that with renewed interest in security and the homeland defense initiative, something similar to key escrow will resurface relatively soon. Another development in recent years that has had an impact on cryptography is the fact that Data Encryption Standard (DES) is no longer considered secure. DES was the standard symmetric-based encryption scheme developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Because computers are now much faster than they were 10 years ago, DES was no longer considered secure, and a replacement was needed. Triple-DES became the de facto standard; however, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began to spearhead an effort to find a replacement for DES. This effort was called the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES resulted in a scheme called Rijndeal (pronounced rain doll ) being selected as the new standard. Because crypto takes a long time to test, it is still too early to estimate the impact that Rijndeal will have, but it s definitely worth watching.
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Now the optimum strategy may depend on the odds and will not necessarily have the simple form of proportional gambling. We distinguish three subcases:
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dir: Mandatory: ltr or rtl id, class: used in conjunction with style sheets lang: language style: for style sheets title: gives the element a title
Figure 14-13 shows a dialog box that contains a ListBox and two CommandButtons. Clicking the Move Up button moves the selected item up in the ListBox; clicking the Move Down button moves the selected item down.
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