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the psychology of being a victim of prejudice and discrimination that was reviewed earlier suggests several conclusions. First, for some groups and for some individuals within oppressed groups, perceptions of prejudice and attributions of setbacks to prejudice may buffer self-esteem and maintain well-being. However, the buffering effect of attributed prejudice is probably a weak one, may occur for only some groups, involves a tradeoff between types of self-esteem and perceived control, and is mediated or moderated by in-group identi cation. Somewhat perversely, the buffering effects of perceived discrimination on self-esteem seem to be more straightforward and clearer for members of dominant than of subordinate groups. Second, the experience or perception of prejudice and discrimination toward oneself and one s group is unquestionably stressful, although personality-based hardiness and in-group identi cation may moderate discriminationrelated stress to some extent. Discrimination-related stress has been linked to mental and physical health outcomes for both American women and Black Americans. Stereotype threat the perception of being negatively stereotyped by others in academic and other domains is also a stressor whose deleterious effects on achievement task performance are now established, although the mediators are unclear. Finally, Some evidence suggests that perceived prejudice and discrimination, along with feelings of resentment about ingroup disadvantage relative to other groups, instigate desires to take corrective social action. These conclusions demonstrate that our knowledge of the psychology of victimization has advanced appreciably in the last several decades of the twentieth century.
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Patient: Thomas X Date of Birth: May 12, 1998 Age: 6 years Parents: Mr. and Mrs. X Dates of Testing: June 23, 26, 2004 Clinician: Dr. Z Thomas is a 6-year-old adopted Caucasian boy who has recently completed kindergarten. His adoptive mother is Japanese American and his adoptive father is Caucasian. Little is known about Thomas s biological parents who apparently were teenagers who felt ill-prepared to care for a child. Thomas s parents chose to adopt due to infertility. Thomas was born at 27 weeks gestation, three months premature. Thomas s parents are seeking an evaluation of Thomas in order to assist them with a number of school-related decisions. First, it is unclear whether Thomas is ready for first grade, primarily in light of explosive aggression at school. His mother reports that while shy and introverted during preschool, Thomas has been highly aggressive in kindergarten, hitting, pushing, and punching other children. He is described as very active, bossy with other children, but bright and academically on track. Psychological testing was requested in order to shed light on Thomas s social difficulties and determine an optimal educational program. Tests and Procedures Administered: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV (WISC-IV) Child Behavior Checklist (completed by his mother) Sentence Completion Test (Haak version) Child Depression Inventory Robert s Apperception Test Rorschach Projective Drawings Clinical Interview with Thomas mother Conversation with kindergarten teacher Conversation with educational consultant Interview Data: Thomas development is significant for behavioral rigidity and fixated interests. Thomas mother describes him as having tremendous difficulty adapting to changes in plans, frequently prompting tantrums. Similarly, Thomas is described as controlling and bossy with his peers, insisting that they play what and how he wants. Beginning at age two, Thomas has developed rigid food preferences and bedtime rituals, for example, Thomas must have his mother bring him a glass of water in bed. In terms of interests, he becomes fixated for months at a time on one particular preoccupation currently sharks and previously dinosaurs. He is an active child, but neither his teacher nor his mother feel that he is unusually overactive. He is also not described as unusually distractible or inattentive. He is, however, regarded by both his teacher and mother as impulsive, and easily frustrated. In the sensory realm, Thomas often licks objects and sniffs at foods before consuming them. In addition to the aggression with other children, he is unable to read social cues, appears to misperceive other children s communication, and is not attuned
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Part III More Complex Interfacing
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The Study of Psychosocial Factors Inf luencing Medical Diseases
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This command lists the files in the Documents/folder and then passes the output to another command that searches and lists files whose names contain .doc . In this example, the output of the ls command is sent as input to the grep command via a pipe, represented in shell script by the vertical bar symbol. (Now you know that the object the robot in Automator s icon is holding is a pipe. In fact, an early version of the program was called Pipeline.) In an Automator workflow, you can think of the result (or output) of one action being piped to the next action as its input. To demonstrate how workflows are built and some of the handy features of Automator, you can put together a simple workflow that lets the user create a new iTunes playlist without directly using iTunes. Here are the steps: 1. Click that funky robot icon to start Automator. 2. In the Library column, click iTunes to see the iTunes actions. 3. Drag the Ask for Songs action and drop it in the workflow area on the right. Your Automator window should look like Figure 13-8.
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Gradients and Hessian Matrices of Real Valued Functions with Vector Arguments
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(b) Transformational leadership
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Basic Principles of Cell Culture 11
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Even if you already have a traditional wired network, you can easily add a wireless network. Doing so will enable you to share les and an Internet connection with mobile computers or other mobile devices you may purchase in the near future (see Figure 2-10).
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