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Requisite PERL modules are listed in the README file contained with XMLTV source packages. Each of these dependencies must be resolved through the use of a PERL-oriented service called CPAN the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. CPAN is the canonical gateway for PERL code and modules and is made available to any Linux distribution with the PERL development package. Begin using the CPAN service through invocation of the /usr/bin/perl binary, and begin installing the requirements as listed in the XMLTV README file. An example session follows, demonstrating the use of CPAN to resolve PERL dependencies:
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The constructed circuit in Figure 11-6 shows a different method of connecting the Mini-DIN 8-pin Roomba cable. Instead of directly soldering the wires of the cable to the circuit board, you can install on the circuit board a female header like that used for the SitePlayer or
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6.2.1 Rule Base Upgrade: Improve Span over State Space
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MobiCar Application
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Figure 12.17 Network database schema mapping details for Db2.
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The bootloader on the Arduino board is only active for the first three seconds after the board is reset, so right before uploading your code to the board, press the reset button.
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Uncheck the toolbars you want to get rid of, and then click any you want to use.
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We rst present an example of content adaptation for browsing applications using the content selection adaptation method. Again, we will use the weather forecast service for illustration purposes. In this case, the source in the weather forecast service server, there may be an intermediary and the destination is the requesting terminal. An intermediary can be used to convert between HTTP and WSP. But we assume that except possible encapsulation adaptation handled in the intermediary, the source is performing the adaptation. This corresponds to con guration (a) of the adaptation architecture of Figure 7.14. Before we present this example, we should note that today the majority of adaptation for mobile browsing is achieved through transcoding at an intermediary (in a gateway). This raises many issues: such as quality of content and legal aspects. Therefore, in the near future content selection is expected to be more common than it is today. The protocol interaction, illustrated in Figure 7.15, is as follows: 1. Client requests content of URL to server and provides its capabilities (UA header and optionally UAProf).
Integrity: Psychologists must maintain professional and personal integrity and be respectful, fair, and honest in their dealings with others. They must be truthful in describing
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