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This chapter discusses the interface between what have been called the common factors in psychotherapy and the domains of personality functioning as described by Theodore Millon (Millon & Davis, 1996) in working with the personality disorders. I begin with Millon s views of the state of our field. In the Preface of Personality-Guided Therapy, Millon (1999) wrote:
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In a browser that supports this feature (which currently excludes both Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4), the code just given renders like this:
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HorizSync 30 - 50 VertRefresh 60
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Cutter and Siragusa 1996 Cutter 1999
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When you need to use a function, you call it. You can call a function from a keyframe in the movie or call it from a movie clip or button. When you call the function, you associate it with a named instance of a movie clip in your production. To call a function, do the following: 1. Select the keyframe or button you want to call the function from. 2. Open the Actions panel. Click Actions User Defined Functions and double-click call function. The action is added to your script and three parameter text boxes appear as shown in Figure 6-8. 3. In the Object field, enter the path to the function. If the function is declared in a keyframe before the function is called, you can leave this parameter blank. If the function is in a keyframe on another timeline, click the black Insert a Target Path button. In the Insert Target Path dialog box that appears, click the button that represents the movie clip the function is stored in. 4. In the Method field, enter the name of the function. 5. In the Parameters field, enter any parameters associated with the function. For example, if the function parameters address a movie clip, enter the name of the movie clip with quotation marks. Listing 6-9 shows the code used to call the function rndFrame that is embedded in a movie clip called My Function. The function is being used to send the movie to a random frame in a movie clip called diva.
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File type Audio Video Interleaved Digital Video Motion Picture Experts Group QuickTime Movie Extension .avi, .dv .mpg, .mpeg .mov Windows Macintosh
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Eating Disorders in Sport
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