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For hardware-encoding capture cards, the problem may be as simple as setting capture volume too high in your recording profile. Try backing that down a bit, in Utilities/Setup Setup TV Settings Recording Profiles, for all your Recording Profiles (see Figure 18-2). In addition, those who use hardware encoder cards may find they need to enable the Extra Audio Buffering option. It appears on the first page under Utilities/Setup Setup TV Settings Playback (see Figure 18-3).
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muddy water out of the well (a process known as air-lifting). These activities are repeated until such time that the water coming from the well runs clear, with no suspended sediment. Having nalized well development, permanent pumping equipment can be lowered into the well (Figure 3.8), and water production can begin. Again, the choice of pump depends on the mode of well construction and the economic context. In typical water utility operations in developed areas, the most useful pump is likely to be an electric submersible pump (Figure 3.8), so-called because the electric motor which drives the impellers within the pump is itself submerged in the well, attached to the bottom of the pump unit. By contrast, in large-diameter handdug wells serving poor communities, hand-pumps are more likely to be used. (Indeed, expensive electric submersible pumps do not perform ef ciently in hand-dug wells unless they are rst tted with an external shroud, which ensures that water reaches the pump intakes only after owing past the motor unit at high velocity, which is necessary for cooling of the motor.) Again, further details on appropriate pumping equipment are available in specialist books, with Driscoll (1986) describing pumps used in developed areas and Arlosoroff et al. (1987) and Reynolds (1991) describing hand-pumps used in developing countries. While the vast majority of water wells in use around the world tend to conform to the vertical con guration just outlined, it is worth noting that a range of horizontal well designs do exist, and are used to good effect in certain circumstances. First in the lineage of horizontal wells are the ancient Qanat systems of the Persian and Arabic worlds (Wagner and Lanoix 1959; Todd 1980). These are long tunnels which are driven from piedmont areas into mountain-foot alluvial aquifers until they encounter the water table. As the Qanat presents a far more permeable pathway to ow than the aquifer itself, a certain amount of ow will decant into the tunnel and ow to the portal in the piedmont area, where it is typically used for irrigation. Water galleries which resemble Qanats in principle, but which
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Figure 2.2 This gure illustrates the propagation of the synchronization pulses starting from node 1 at the center of a unit area square with N nodes uniformly distributed over the area. The R2 nodes hear the pulses from node 1, and the R3 nodes hear the aggregate signal from node 1 and the nodes in R2 . This propagation continues beyond the Rk nodes until all nodes in the nite area can hear synchronization pulses.
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The device senses the channel. If the channel is idle, the message is transmitted immediately. If the channel is busy, the device continues to sense the channel (it is persistent). When the channel becomes idle, the device immediately transmits (with probability one, hence the name 1-persistent).
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y now, you should be quite comfortable with the concept of a mythical home convergence system, and how MythTV fulfills that promise. A large part of that fulfillment is due to the modular framework underlying MythTV applications. This highly flexible, easily adaptable framework inclines MythTV systems to new and creative uses unthinkable in canned capture systems. In this chapter, we explore the plug-in components for MythTV and describe the capacities and functions of each one. We also give you a small taste of what s possible using MythTV s plug-in architecture. Without a modular framework, MythTV would fail to qualify as a convergent technology appliance.
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The nominal constellation is composed of 24 satellites, although there are currently always between 28 and 30 actually in operation. There are six quasi-circular orbits with an inclination of 558 with reference to the equatorial plane, at an altitude of 20,183 km (see Fig. 3.8). The distance traveled by the signal from a satellite to a receiver then varies from around 20,200 km if the satellite is in the zenith, to around 25,600 km when the satellite is at the horizon.3 A satellite makes a total Earth circumference in exactly half a sidereal day, or 11 h 57 min 58 s. The tracks of a given satellite on the Earth s surface are therefore almost identical from one day to the next. The difference between the sidereal day s duration and 24 h is due to the fact the Earth is moving around the Sun and then makes one additional rotation per year. Taking this into account leads to a revolution period of the satellites that has repetitive tracks on the Earth s surface. On each orbital plane, four satellites (nominal) are positioned so as to allow visibility of at least four satellites at any location on Earth and at any time. When reducing the horizon to 158 above the horizon, a minimum of four satellites are still
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30 Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Programming
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Sensation and Perception
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