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Element ABBR ACRONYM B BIG CITE CODE DEL DFN EM I INS KBD Q S SAMP SMALL SPAN STRIKE STRONG SUB SUP TT U VAR Description abbreviated form instance of an acronym bold big citation computer code fragment deleted text instance definition emphasis italics inserted text text to be entered by the user quotation strikeout sample of code small container for grouping within a block element strikeout strong subscript superscript teletype underline variable or program argument Deprecated (use DEL) deprecated (use DEL) P L P P P P L deprecated (use DEL) Deprecated Logical or Physical L L P P L L L L L P L L L P L P
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In the rst phase, we ignore distribution and decide on a query plan that is best suited to execute the query. In the second phase, we decide on the sites that we will use to access the required data. The rule we use for site selection is simple. When there is no replicated data, the site where the required fragment resides is chosen. When there is replication, we have the choice of selecting any site among all the sites where the copies of a replicated fragment reside. In this case, we choose the replication site that has the largest amount of data required by the query.
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for any nodes Ni and Nj within the scope. Some authors (e.g., ref. [32]) use the standard deviation among all ci(hi(t)) as a measure for the instantaneous precision at time t. In the case of external synchronization, the instantaneous precision is more often de ned as the maximal synchronization error, that is, p(t) max ci (hi (t)) t
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Back to the browser, then, and you find you have a very complicated page seemingly made up of close to 250KB of JavaScript, one iFrame you can see, and apparently ten or more that don t appear on the screen. Furthermore, the eagleeyed in our midst will have noticed that the Gmail URL doesn t change very much when you re moving around the application. Changing from Inbox to All Mail for the subset of your mail you want to see on the screen changes the page but not the URL. For anyone used to, say, Hotmail, this is all very puzzling.
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Suppose that medical researchers are interested in exploring the relationship between patient age (x) and the presence (1) or absence (0) of a particular disease (y). The data collected from 20 patients are shown in Table 4.1, and a plot of the data are shown in Figure 4.1. The plot shows the least-squares regression line (dashed straight line) and the logistic regression line (solid curved line), along with the estimation error for patient 11 (age = 50, disease = 0) for both lines. Note that the least-squares regression line is linear, which means that linear regression assumes that the relationship between the predictor and the response is linear. Contrast this with the logistic regression line, which is nonlinear, meaning that logistic regression assumes that the relationship between the predictor and the response is nonlinear. The scatter plot makes plain the discontinuity in the response variable; scatter plots that look like this should alert the analyst not to apply linear regression. Consider the prediction errors for patient 11. The distance between the data point for patient 11 (x = 50, y = 0) and the linear regression line is indicated by the dashed vertical line, and the distance between the data point and logistic regression line is shown by the solid vertical line. Clearly, the distance is greater for the linear regression line, which means that linear regression does a poorer job of estimating the presence of disease than logistic regression does for patient 11. Similarly, this observation is also true for most of the other patients. Where does the logistic regression line come from Consider the conditional mean of Y given X = x, denoted as E(Y |x). This is the expected value of the response variable for a given value of the predictor. Recall that in linear regression, the response variable is considered to be a random variable de ned as Y = 0 + 1 x + . Now, since the error term has mean zero, we obtain E(Y |x) = 0 + 1 x for linear regression, with possible values extending over the entire real number line. For simplicity, denote the conditional mean E(Y |x) as (x). Then the conditional mean for logistic regression takes on a different form from that of linear
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In the example above, the properties of six instances of a movie clip called mc0 through mc5 are being changed. Lines 4 through 6 change the properties of each clip. Without the loop, you d have to codes each property change for each clip, resulting in a whopping 18 lines of code. When you use a for loop, you eliminate many lines of code and free your time for more products tasks. The second line of code initializes the loop. The parameters for the action appear between the parentheses. The first parameter sets the initial value of i equal to 0, which is identical to the first element in an array. If you re not familiar with using an array to store data, you ll be up to speed after reading 9. The second parameter of the for action is the condition that must be true for the loop to continue. The loop in the above example continues as long as i is less than or equal to 5. The third parameter in the code determines the increment for each loop. In this case, the increment is 1. The third parameter could have been written as i+1, but ++i is a code shortcut that does the same thing. The lines of code between the curly braces execute as long as the condition is true. In the above example, each movie clip s opacity is reduced by 25 percent and scaled to 80 percent of its original size.
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The example in this section demonstrates how to replace a VBA module with a different VBA module. Besides demonstrating three VBComponent methods (Export, Remove, and Import), the procedure also has a practical use. For example, you may distribute a workbook to a group of users, and later discover that a macro contains an error or needs to be updated. Because the users may have added data to the workbook, it would not be practical to replace the entire workbook. The solution, then, is to distribute another workbook that contains a macro that replaces the VBA module with an updated version stored in a file. This example consists of two workbooks: UserBook.xls Contains a module (Module1) that needs to be replaced
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As you may know, most Windows users use one of three standard video modes: 640 480 (that is, standard VGA mode), 800 600, and 1024 768. If you develop an application in anything but VGA mode, the application may look terrible when it runs on a VGA system.
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default value when the corresponding department row is deleted from the Department table (i.e., when the department is closed). Relation constraints as discussed above are typically applied to a single table. The SQL standard allows the use of the SELECT statement in the CHECK constraint to refer to other tables in the same database. To provide for general constraints that can refer to any number of tables, the SQL standard also allows creation of general assertions. Assertions are constraints that are not associated with any individual table. Figure 3.8b illustrates the use of an assertion in conjunction with the database tables shown in Figure 3.8a. As seen from this gure, the general assertion No loan Issue is applied when a customer requests a new loan from the bank. This assertion prevents the customer being given the loan if the average balance of all the customers accounts is less than or equal to $5000. Similarly, this assertion ensures that the loan will be denied if the customer already has another loan from the bank (it will not allow the same customer to have more than one loan). Some commercial databases, like Oracle, do not support the concept of assertions. For these products, explicit semantic integrity constraints have to be used. Explicit constraints are not inherited from the ERM like the other three constraints. We have to either code these constraints into the application programs that use the database or code them into the database using the concept of stored procedures and triggers. Stored procedures and triggers are written programs that use SQL and extensions to the standard SQL and, as a result, they are vendor speci c. These programs are stored in the database as opposed to being compiled and stored as object code outside the database. Stored procedures, similar to any programming language procedures, are programs that accept input parameters, do some work, and can then return values through their output parameters. These procedures can be called from other procedures and/or be activated interactively by the DBMS users. The only difference between a stored procedure and other procedures is that stored procedures cannot request any user interaction once they have started. In other words, we cannot input additional
If you have several e-mail accounts set up in Outlook, one of them will be selected as your default account (which means it will be the account that appears when you create a new e-mail). If you want to make a different account the default, do the following.
[Bodoff02] Bodoff, S., Green, D., Haase, K., Jendrock, E., Pawlan, M., and Stearns, B., The J2EE Tutorial , Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 2002. [Gamma95] Gamma, E., Helm, R., Johnson, R., and Vlissides, J., Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1995. [Johnson02] Johnson, R., Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development: J2EE Design and Development, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ, 2002.
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