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Part III More Complex Interfacing
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7: Using Your Network
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Additive noise channel. Find the channel capacity of the following discrete memoryless channel:
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Part VII Using Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML
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such as Atlantic Monthly, Business World, Advertising World, and The Woman s Herald, thus making business psychology known to a broad audience of potential employers and consumers. Scott promoted the psychology of suggestion, arguing that successful advertising suggested a course of action, that is, buying the product. He wrote, Man has been called the reasoning animal but he could with greater truthfulness be called the creature of suggestion. He is reasonable, but he is to a greater extent suggestible (Scott, 1903, p. 59). In applying suggestion to advertising, Scott advocated two techniques: the direct command (e.g., Use Peterson s Tooth Powder ) and the return coupon. Both techniques were thought to stimulate compulsive obedience. In the subsequent theoretical debates in the advertising community on the nature of consumer behavior, other approaches displaced Scott s views (see Kuna, 1976, 1979), but his work gave psychology considerable visibility in the world of business and paved the way for many psychologists who would follow in advertising such as Harry Hollingworth, Daniel Starch, and John B. Watson. Although business psychology can be said to have begun in the eld of advertising, it quickly branched into other prominent areas. When increased emphasis on ef ciency led to the scienti c management of Frederick Winslow Taylor (1911), psychologists entered that arena as well. Ef ciency meant not only better management and more effective advertising but also better training of workers, improved employee selection procedures, better ways to control employee performance, and better understanding of human actions in work. Prominent in these areas was Harvard psychologist Hugo M nsterberg (1863 1916), who argued in his book, Psychology and Industrial Ef ciency (1913), that the key to workplace ef ciency was matching job and worker and that successful matches generated satis ed employees, quality work, and high productivity. M nsterberg promoted psychology as the science of human ef ciency, noting that psychology had the tools to create the perfect match by determining the mental traits required for any job and the mental traits of workers. That his ideas were well received by a broad public is evidenced by the fact that his book was for a time on the national list of best-sellers. Psychologists began to develop mental tests to evaluate workers and jobs (ship captains, trolley car operators, saleswomen), work that was to prove especially important when they were asked to oversee the selection program for the United States armed forces during World War I. Business psychology had begun in the universities, but its practice soon moved to business settings as psychologists found fulltime employment, particularly as personnel of cers involved with selection, job analysis, and training. Such opportunities
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In summary, we can state that skeletal muscle is a product of exceedingly structured and oriented proteins containing numerous enzymes that drive various metabolic pathways in the living tissue and is destined to undergo a variety of changes after death. Dramatic changes take place both during chilling and aging but most markedly during the immediate postmortem period as muscle is transformed to meat. The subject of utmost importance in the minds of many is where do we go from here in research on quality and palatability of meat Postmortem aging is a process that occurs naturally in all muscle tissues, whether vacuum packaged or in the form of carcasses or wholesale cuts. In the conversion of muscle to meat, postmortem aging of carcasses and cuts is a natural process that usually improves tenderness under refrigerated conditions. Endogenous enzymes found in muscle cells fragment key proteins in such a way that the fundamental integrity of the muscle ultrastructure is altered, resulting in improved meat tenderness. Although postmortem aging has a profound effect on meat tenderness, it does not ensure total and uniformly tender meat. Aging tenderization of meat is a complex phenomenon with numerous factors (both antemortem and postmortem) that in uence the underlying enzymatic mechanisms.
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Figure 2.12 Expansion of usage matrix.
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