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Diversity: Working with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients
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Uncontrolled Trials of Exercise Interventions for Cancer Survivors Study Sample 10 breast cancer survivors 21 survivors with breast (n = 19), lung (n = 1), or colon (n = 1) cancer 42 survivors with various cancers Intervention Group aerobic, aquatic, and resistive exercises 1 d/w for 8 w Group aerobic, toning, f lexibility, and relaxation exercises 2 d/w for 12 w Group walking, stair climbing, and arm exercises 2 d/w plus 3 5 d/w at home for 12 w Group high-intensity (cycle ergometer and resistance training) or low-intensity (relaxation, massage, and body-awareness training) 3 4 d/w for 6 w Group aerobic, strength, and f lexibility training 3 d/w for 16 w Group aerobic, strength, and f lexibility training 2 d/w for 20 w Group aerobic, strength, and f lexibility training 2 d/w for 10 w Group exercise (aerobic, strength, and f lexibility training) and nutrition and psychological support 1 d/w for 10 w then 1 d/mo for 10 mo Group sport and gymnastic activities 2 d/w for 10 w Group sport and gymnastic activities 1 d/w for 6 12 mo Group mobility, stability, and relaxation exercises 1 d/w for 8 w Results for Psychosocial Outcomes Trend toward improved quality of life Some aspects of quality of life and distress improved in some survivors Improved quality of life
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EVIL 583 Conceptions of Evil and Its Experience 583 The Ambiguous Role of Religion 584 PEACE 585 Peace Through Strength 586 Peace Through Negotiation 587 Peace Through Justice 588 Peace Through Personal Transformation 589 Developing Cultures of Peace 590 REFERENCES 592
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Figure 7.13 Hidden files that have been extracted will be listed in this window.
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Binary multiplier channel (a) Consider the discrete memoryless channel Y = XZ, where X and Z are independent binary random variables that take on values 0 and 1. Let P (Z = 1) = . Find the capacity of this channel and the maximizing distribution on X. (b) Now suppose that the receiver can observe Z as well as Y . What is the capacity
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TABLE 19.1
Date Item cost
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