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ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=False
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(Windows) or the Size box in the lower right corner (Macintosh). Moving the playhead The playhead moves through the Timeline to indicate the current frame displayed on the Stage. The Timeline header shows the frame numbers of the animation. To display a frame on the Stage, you move the playhead to the frame in the Timeline. When you re working with a large number of frames that can t all appear in the Timeline at once, you can move the playhead along the Timeline to easily locate the current frame.
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This is a clever item to add to your arsenal of navigational tools. Using a drop-down list, you can give your visitors the power to link anywhere on your list with just one click. The list can be as long as you want. The drop-down list (called a select list in HTML) takes up little screen real estate, so it is a double value.
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changed BW requirements of real-time applications. At the same time, we also note that the BES delay for GPC is signi cantly lower than for GPSS. Thus, in this case, GPC is more fair to BES. Also, the average delay for all ows taken together is lower for GPC than for GPSS. From Fig. 23.6a, we see that the instantaneous delays for higher priority ows is always lower than for the others, even though they offer more load and it also doesn t uctuate as much. From Fig. 23.6b, we see that the instantaneous throughput for UGS and rtPS is higher than nrtPS or BES. Scenario 3. Table 23.4 gives the summary of the results obtained in this scenario.
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1 y2=ln(x) 1.5
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More Lower Priority Loads UGS rtPS nrtPS BES 8400 28002 34844 35537 8400 28002 55206 43278 1224.04 4080.44 5077.45 5178.43 1224.04 4080.44 8044.59 6306.45 56.15 124.95 179.8 199.18 22.73 57.38 85.6 138.99
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Consumer-Perpetrated Fraud
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y 2 : 0; elsewhere ; x2 1=2 elsewhere 2
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basketball is unequal but equitable recognition. The processes of tryouts, team selection, and drafting underscore the excellence achieved by those who are selected. But the same selection process also excludes others who have not achieved the same level of excellence as those who were selected. From this perspective, pursuit of excellence is an exclusionary process, and therefore, the leaders and coaches in pursuit of excellence should not be faulted for not bestowing equal recognition on all. Intrateam rivalry is also a necessary condition for pursuit of excellence in team sports. That is, the coach should encourage every athlete to be better than others, including teammates. The striving by everyone to be better than teammates with a view to getting on the starting line-up ensures that everyone gets better, so that the whole teams gets better. There is considerable discussion over the conceptual and measurement issues related to the task and ego orientation as well as task- and ego-involving climates in sport (Harwood & Hardy, 2001; Harwood, Hardy, & Swain, 2000; Treasure et al., 2001). However, there is agreement that the task and ego orientations are orthogonal and represent two different continua and that an individual can fluctuate from one state of involvement to another depending on his or her perception of the momentary situational cues and dispositional tendencies (Treasure et al., 2001, p. 321). Harwood et al. (2000) cited competitive sport and recreational sport as situations with different cues calling for different goal orientations. Given that pursuit of excellence consists of both practice and performance stages, it is posited here that task involvement needs to be paramount in the practice stage and ego involvement in the performance stage. This is consistent with Treasure et al. s view that one particular focus dominates at any given time (p. 321). Training Behavior Training behavior focuses on developing technical, cognitive, and emotional skills. It must be noted that the content and the relative significance of these forms of training may vary from sport to sport. Technical Training. Technical training refers to training in the skills and movement patterns of a given sport (Janelle & Hillman, 2003). It includes the coach s instruction and directives toward increasing athletes physical and physiological capacities (Janelle & Hillman, 2003). This category of behavior parallels the dimension of training and instruction in the LSS.
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Frozen P1 BMSCs or ACLFs were defrosted and replated at 5 103 cells/cm2 (P2 ), trypsinized when near con uence, and used for matrix seeding. The seeding procedure was dependent on matrix morphology. For single-side seeding, brous matrices were inoculated with 1 ml of cell suspension at a concentration of 2 106 cells/ml by direct pipetting, incubated for 2 h at 37 C/5%CO2 , and transferred to tissue culture asks for experiments in an appropriate amount of cell culture medium without bFGF.
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Context Awareness and Management
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