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A HIERARCHICAL MODEL OF INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION Over the years, research conducted on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation has shown that personality, situationallevel-based motivation, and intermediate contextual level (or life domain) motivations are influenced by a host of factors and lead to various outcomes. Various conceptual frameworks in addition to SDT have been advanced to explain the major findings (see Vallerand, 1997). Building on such research and theory and especially SDT, a model has been proposed relative to the integration of the different levels at which motivation research has been conducted. The HMIEM (Vallerand, 1997, 2001, in press; Vallerand & Perreault, 1999; Vallerand & Ratelle, 2002) comprises five postulates and five corollaries. Taken together, these postulates and corollaries explain (a) the motivational determinants and consequences at three levels of generality as well as ( b) the interactions among motivation at the three levels of generality, while taking into account the complexity of human motivation (see Figure 3.1). The model is briefly described next.
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Most low-power microcontrollers today utilize the Harvard architecture [3], which means the processing unit uses physically separate storage and signaling pathways for the executable instructions and the data [4 7]. Today, this typically results in the usage of ash memory for persistent storage of application code, the text segment, and static RAM (SRAM) for data storage at run time. In terms of both time and energy, ash memory is inexpensive to read but expensive to write, which makes it well suited for program memory. Also, it may or may not be possible for the microcontroller to write to its own ash memory; reprogramming may require additional hardware. In either case, ash memory is written in blocks (pages), but may be read at random. The number of writes to a particular block is limited, as the blocks wear out over time. However, ash memory is nonvolatile, so it retains data when powered off. SRAM is random access and is generally fast for reads and writes, but is volatile, consumes more energy than ash, and costs more. SRAM does not wear out in the same fashion as ash memory. For these reasons, SRAM is used in small quantities as data memory. Extremely limited data memory is one of the major constraints in sensor network programming.
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for all n and all market sequences x1 , x2 , . . . , xn . Thus, good minimax per formance for all n costs at most an extra factor 2 over the xed horizon minimax portfolio. The cost of universality is Vn , which is asymptotically negligible in the growth rate in the sense that Vn 1 1 1 n 0. ln Sn (x ) ln Sn (xn ) ln n n n 2 (16.171)
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Content Networking in the Mobile Internet, Edited by Sudhir Dixit and Tao Wu ISBN 0-471-46618-2 Copyright # 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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When the Go To dialog box is shown, the user can specify a named range or enter a cell address to go to. This dialog box is the one that appears when you choose the Edit Go To command (or press F5). You can also write code to determine how the user dismissed the dialog box. Do this by using a variable. In the following statement, the Result variable will be True if the user clicked OK, and False if the user clicked Cancel or pressed Esc.
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What Is Dynamic HTML
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Part I Some Essential Background
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Understanding DVRs
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