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A hole, usually vertical or near-vertical, created by drilling A general term encompassing all the speci c types of boreholes and wells A borehole drilled for the principal purpose of obtaining a supply of water
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Sub CellToDialer() Transfers active cell contents to Dialer And then dials the phone Get the phone number CellContents = ActiveCell.Value If CellContents = Then MsgBox Select a cell that contains a phone number. Exit Sub End If Activate (or start) Dialer Appname = Dialer AppFile = Dialer.exe On Error Resume Next AppActivate (Appname) If Err <> 0 Then Err = 0 TaskID = Shell(AppFile, 1) If Err <> 0 Then MsgBox Can t start & AppFile End If Transfer cell contents to Dialer Application.SendKeys %n & CellContents, True
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(10) x (m x 1), Y(x) (n x n) nonsingular, Z(x) (p x q) :
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where if cij = cjj there is cosite constraint cij = 0 there is no constraint in channel reuse cij = 1 there is cochannel constraint cij 2 there is adjacent channel constraint
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As you can see, these documents are pretty big for what they contain, and if you re unused to seeing XML, they do look quite confusing. No worries, Perl has many modules to take the pain out of using XML-RPC. This chapter uses the XMLRPC::Lite module, available from CPAN mirrors everywhere.
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for some choice of joint distribution p(q)p(x1 |q)p(x2 |q)p(y|x1 , x2 ). As in Section 15.3.3, the region is unchanged if we limit the cardinality of Q to 4. This completes the proof of the converse. Thus, the achievability of the region of Theorem 15.3.1 was proved in Section 15.3.1. In Section 15.3.3 we showed that every point in the region de ned by (15.96) was also achievable. In the converse, we showed that the region in (15.96) was the best we can do, establishing that this is indeed the capacity region of the channel. Thus, the region in (15.58)
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The division established a peer-reviewed journal, Psychology of Women Quarterly, in 1976. The journal has come to occupy a visible and respected position. By 1999, it ranked 16th out of 109 psychology journals in terms of the number of times its articles were cited in scholarly publications. Division 35 also sponsors a program of formal and informal sessions and social events at the annual APA convention, continuingeducation workshops on teaching and other topics, and a yearly midwinter conference. In addition, the division gives annual awards for excellence in feminist research, practice, and service. In 1993, the division organized the rst National Conference on Education and Training in Feminist Practice (de ned broadly to include research, writing, clinical practice, clinical supervision, and leadership), held in Boston. Shaping the Future of Feminist Psychology (Worell & Johnson, 1997) is a summation of the conference. Division 35 was one of the rst divisions that gave priority to including psychologists from racial, ethnic, and other minority groups in its membership. It also took steps to assure that its leadership represented the diversity of women in psychology. The division has also worked to ensure that women from ethnic minority groups were considered for leadership positions in the APA. It has supported APA activities that advance the interests of racial and ethnic minorities and their full representation within organized psychology. The division has had a Section on Women of Color for many years; among other activities, the section has promoted research on and by women of color. The APA Committee on Women in Psychology The Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) began as the task force headed by Helen Astin in 1970; it was accorded status as a continuing committee of the APA in 1973. The committee has worked to increase the visibility of scholarship on women and gender, highlight the contributions of women in psychology, end discrimination against women psychologists, and promote leadership by women. More broadly, the committee has worked to promote the psychological well-being of women. The CWP has actively pursued its goals through symposia, conferences, task forces, and liaisons with government agencies and professional groups. The CWP annually makes awards to women who have been distinguished leaders in psychology. The APA Women s Programs Of ce The volume and magnitude of the projects initiated by the CWP in its early years quickly exceeded what a volunteer committee could accomplish. In response, the APA established the
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Enterprise Web Servers
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